The KC Pier Wall Brace System

So today we’re here in Lenexa, Kansas to discuss the KC Pier wall brace system. So we’re going to walk you through all the steps of how we ended up to this repair right here. Initially, when the homeowner contacted us for a consultation, what they had seen was some diagonal cracking on their walls […]

The KC Pier Experience

Hi, my name is Eric Scheele. I am owner and president of KC Pier, foundation repair experts here in Kansas City. Today, I wanted to talk about the KC Pier experience and for you as a customer, what we consider and talk internally about the KC Pier experience is your experience from the initial call […]

Supporting a Commercial Property in Overland Park with the KC Pier Method!

Today we’re in Overland Park. We’re on a commercial property project. What we’re doing is we’re doing some foundation piering under the crawl space area to recover the foundation that’s dropped. It’s dropped about three-quarters of an inch. As you can see behind us where everybody is excavating the individual holes that we’re going to […]

Shawnee, KS Crack Injection and Wall Braces by KC Pier!

So today we’re in Shawnee, KS. And what we’re going to go over is I-beam braces and crack injection. On this particular house, the back wall had some stress fractures coming off both sides, which is sure signs of the wall coming in. The cracks weren’t that big at all. What we did was we […]

Wall Pushback in Independence, MO

For today, we are in Independence, Missouri for a wall pushback. This is one of our KC Property guys’ flip houses in KC Pier Houses. What we’re doing today is we’re showing you the full repair plan versus a bandaid. What we did, instead of giving the next buyer a headache in the future, what […]

Crawl Space Support and Beam in South KC!

So today, we’re in South Kansas City, and what we’re doing today is a little unique, but that’s also what makes us different as a company. What we did was, we put four DynaPier down the main beam in this crawl space because it was sagging about two and a half inches. The homeowner had […]

A Foundation Work Referral in Kansas City, Missouri!

Hey. This is John with KC Pier, and today I’m in Kansas City, Missouri, in the Brookside neighborhood. We’re doing work on a 40- foot interior drain on a rock foundation that’s had issues with water coming in, in the past with nowhere to go. Now, the backstory in this house is it’s actually a […]

The Risks of Delaying Foundation Repair

Hello, and welcome to the real estate industry leaders podcast. I’m your host, John Lindquist. And with me today, I have Eric Sheele and Eric Lancaster. And we’re going to be talking about the different sorts of problems that you can have if you wait on foundation repair. And so with problems that you can […]

Supporting a Slab in Stillwell, Kansas!

Hey, this is John Lindquist, Marketing Manager for KC Pier, and today I’m out in Stillwell, Kansas, where we’ve got a slab on grade foundation that has been settling into the earth. So we’re going to go check in with Erik Lancaster and see what’s going on.

Pushing Back a Leaning Foundation Wall in Leawood, Kansas!

Hello, this is John Linquist with KC Pier and today I’m out in Leawood, Kansas, where we’re going to be seeing a wall push back on a leaning foundation wall and an exterior drain and some waterproofing, a little bit of everything, honestly. So let’s go over and see how the guys are doing. The […]