The Impact of a Home’s Foundation on its Value

If you are not sure of the impact of a home’s foundation on its value, just try to sell your home with a damaged foundation. The foundation of your home is what keeps it standing up. Of course, the value can vary depending on what the damage is and how expensive it will be to […]

5 Benefits to Kansas City Sump Pump Installation

The benefits of Kansas City sump pump installation can be varied. If you don’t have a sump pump and are considering getting one, you won’t be disappointed, in particular, if your crawl space or basement gets damp or flooded.

6 Reasons to Have Foundation Repairs Done ASAP

There are plenty of reasons to have foundation repairs done as soon as you find problems. These issues will only get worse. Your foundation is vital for keeping you, your family, your house, and all your belongings safe. Any problems you discover need to be addressed right away. Cracks, water damage, loose bricks, or doors […]

Are Egress Windows a Wise Investment?

If you are doing some remodeling on your home and wondering are egress windows a wise investment, the answer is, yes. They can add a lot of value to your home in safety and visually.

What Can Be Done for My Sinking Foundation in Kansas City?

A sinking foundation can lead to serious problems. If left too long, the walls can collapse or break. But, all is not lost. These problems can be fixed by a professional foundation contractor. A sinking foundation doesn’t happen overnight and the signs may be difficult to spot right away. If you suspect there are problems […]