What Can Be Done for My Sinking Foundation in Kansas City?

A sinking foundation can lead to serious problems. If left too long, the walls can collapse or break. But, all is not lost. These problems can be fixed by a professional foundation contractor. A sinking foundation doesn’t happen overnight and the signs may be difficult to spot right away. If you suspect there are problems […]

6 Reasons to Seek Out Professional Help for Basement Waterproofing

If you are wondering if you need basement waterproofing, the answer is yes. Basements are prone to dampness anyhow, and they are the first place you may find leaks. It might seem like an unnecessary cost but not compared to the cost of water-related repairs you may need later on. Regardless of whether you have […]

3 Things Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Foundation Repair

If the home you are looking to buy or sell needs foundation repair, is it a deal-breaker? Not necessarily. The foundation needs to be in great condition or in great repair with warranties. If you have your heart set on the house as a buyer, or you are willing to make repairs as a seller, […]