Overland Park Full Basement Foundation Repair

Day 1 – Unique Basement Foundation Repair in Overland Park Today we’re an Overland Park doing a unique basement foundation repair on a home. The previous homeowners decided not to fix the structure correctly. So what they did is they came in, lifted the main house off of the foundation and added concrete around it […]

Foundation Piering: How it Works

Hello, my name is Brian Dufour. I am the Director of Operations here at KC Pier. We are in Independence and the weather’s panned out for us at the moment. What we’re doing here at this home is we’re installing five DynaPiers on the corner of this home to prevent it from settling any further. […]

Kansas City Wall Cracks and Water Intrusion

Hi, my name is Eric Sheele. I’m with KC Pier. Today we’re out in Topeka, Kansas and we’re helping these homeowners relocate to the state of Washington. We’re helping them on the KC Property Guy’s side, as well as on the KC Pier side with the basement. Before the property guy’s side get here to […]

Interior Drain System in Kansas City

My name is Eric Lancaster. I’m the structural consultant with KC Pier foundation experts. We’re here in Leawood today to take a look at this house. We are checking the foundation out today looking for any water getting in, cracks, or sunken slabs. This part of the home I’m in now is an addition on […]


Today we will be discussing bowed walls and wall cracks of a foundation. Currently we’re on the inside of a house in Belton Missouri where we are just completing an exterior waterproofing and beaming and we’re looking at our results today! This was a wall that had moved about three inches in at the time. […]

KC Pier App

Hi, my name’s Eric Scheele. I’m the president of KC Property Guys and KC Pier. On the Pier side, we do a lot of work with realtors, and there are many times when we get calls in the office from realtors who have just seen a house with a foundation issue and they want to […]

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Kansas City Home

Regardless of how much you use your basement on a regular basis, it is an important part of your home. And a properly waterproofed basement can protect your entire home from the dangerous effects of water damage. Here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider waterproofing your basement. SAVING MONEY Waterproofing your basement […]

How Kansas City Realtors succeed with KC Pier, Foundation Experts

Realtors have a tough job to do. Not every home is perfect, so they also have to know and answer questions about possible improvements that need to be made.  Succeeding as much on their reputation as on their selling skills, they have to sell homes and commercial buildings that actually benefit their clients. That’s why realtors […]