About Us

KC Pier offers complete repair. If you are aware of a potential foundation issue or are looking to catch any before they spread, schedule an estimate today and put your worries to rest.  From the initial call to the finished job, we ensure our customers are treated like family.

KC Pier is a locally owned and operated business.  We are experienced construction experts that take pride in the quality of service they provide.  All of our work is carried out by KC Pier employees that have received extensive training in foundation repair techniques. This allows us to ensure the highest quality control, ensured compliance with industry standards, and absolute success for both the company and our clients.

When it’s time time to take a look at your home’s foundation, make your first call to KC Pier. 

kc pier foundation repair team

Why KC Pier?   Compare us to others! 

  • KC Pier uses our OWN EMPLOYEES for our services.  No contractors, no temp services.  Our crews are professional and knowledgable.

  • KC Pier lifetime warranties are fully transferrable.   Our lifetime warranties stay with the property and transfer from owner to owner.

  • KC Pier is fully bonded and insured.  All our services are fully bonded and insured.

  • Our services are awardind winning.  We are the #1 Rated Foundation Repair company in Kansas City, and we are a verified foundation repair company by TheHomeMag Kansas City.

Our Vision

We believe that a home worth owning is a home worth fixing.  What we do to help you fix or repair your home is:

  • Repair Wet Basements,

  • Fix and Repair Crawl Spaces,

  • Repair Bowing Basement Walls,

  • Raise Settling Residential Foundation Walls,

  • Raise Settling Commercial Foundation Walls,

  • Fix Moldy Basement Areas,

  • Add Egress Windows and Window Wells,

  • Replace Existing Basement Windows,

  • Provide Suitable Basement Flooring,

  • Replacement of Basement Walls,

  • Concrete Settlement and Leveling,

  • Moisture, Odor and Mold Control

Full Demo to Reconstruction

KC Piers has the ability to provide a full scope service related to your basement, foundation or concrete related issues.  Along with our range of foundation and concrete related solutions, we have the ability to exercise restoration solutions like water removal and mold remediation which are very common to foundation and basement related issues.  Additionally, if desired, we have a full scope remodeling crews that can bring your foundation related solutions back to and more commonly better than the original product.  

Additional services available include and are not limited to:

  • Beam encasements

  • Water removal and mold remediation

  • Dry wall installation

  • Finish painting

  • Trim carpentry

You Get What You Pay for. But You Shouldn't Have to Overpay.

Get Expert Foundation Repair At A Fair Price