KC PIER Lifetime Transferrable Foundation Repair Warranty

lifetime warranty

KC Pier, LLC  has proudly offers our lifetime transferrable warranty.  Trust us to get the job done right the first time, and rest assured that any future problems that may develop will be fully covered.​

Transferrable Foundation Warranty

Our lifetime warranty is fully transferable to any new owner of the home. This warranty covers our house stabilization services and the KC Pier system we install to fix your foundation. We will repair your foundation, returning your home as close as possible to its original position. Specifically, the warranty covers all piers installed by KC Pier, LLC for the lifetime of the home, at no cost for adjustments. The warranty will only be void in a number of limited situations, such as if the foundation is not properly maintained, if the structure is altered to any degree affecting the piers, the structure is sited on a fault, or if the building is undermined by soil erosion, flood, fire, leaks, or an underground water system. Our lifetime warranty transfer to any future owner your current home fixed by KC Pier, LLC.​

Reliable Long-Term Service

Every client can rest assured that the work performed on their foundation will last for the life of the home, keeping your home level even if you should transfer it to a new owner. We stand by our work and offer this fully transferable warranty as a guarantee that every project is viewed as a long-term commitment to our clients.

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