Ship Shape Monitoring Technology

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Ship Shape Monitoring Technology

Benefits of Having Shipshape

Do you have trouble keeping water out of your basement or crawl space?

KC Pier doesn’t merely install the most effective drainage and sump pump solutions. We give you the tools to monitor and evaluate equipment performance with our next generation technology, Shipshape.

What is Shipshape & What Does it Do?

Shipshape is a company, headquartered in Birmingham, AL, that produces innovative monitoring technology, which KC Pier uses to track the performance of all the equipment we install. While Shipshape makes monitoring equipment for everything from HVAC systems to washing machines, we utilize their technology for all our waterproofing hardware. This includes sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and anything else we use for crawl space encapsulation.

The purpose of Shipshape monitoring technology is to help us keep an eye on three critical components.

Ship Shape Monitoring Technology

Shipshape monitors these with an array of equipment sensors, making it easier to identify problems when something exceeds a critical limit. It’s now easier than ever to see just how much water your sump processes, and keep track of humidity and electrical output. This works well in crawl spaces and basements that rely on waterproofing interventions of all sorts.

Rather than inspect these items manually, Shipshape creates a self-monitoring system, which triggers an alarm whenever an error or disruption occurs. Then, customers receive push notifications on their smartphone through an easy-to-use application.

Benefits of Having Shipshape with Your KC Pier Sump Pump

Shipshape monitors

KC Pier’s Consistent Service Guarantee

One of the best parts about Shipshape is that every alert or discrepancy, involving your sump pump system, goes to both the customer and KC Pier. So, whenever there’s a problem, we’ll find out about it at the same time as you.

Better yet, we’ll address it by restoring all sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and other components back to working order. You never have to worry about malfunctioning pumps or humidifiers ever again.

Our Process

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All of the work will be performed by professionally trained KC Pier employees - not subcontractors. We will complete the work on your home with the same level of care, courtesy and professionalism as we would for our own family members.

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