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Basement Waterproofing & Bowed Wall Repair Case Study

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Case Study


Belton, MO

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The Problem

This Belton Homeowner previously had us do some major work on a bowed in basement wall and basement waterproofing, however at the time their budget wasn't constrained and they didn't have us complete all 4 walls, just the worst one. They were happy with the work we did, and so when their budget had room, they had us come out and finish the remaining walls.

Proposed Solution

Previously we had dug out the dirt on the outside of a wall that had some major lateral movement, then straightened it, put in braces, and installed a sump pump. On the remaining walls, we didn't have to dig out the dirt on the exterior, we were able to propose bracing from the inside and tying into the sump pump we had installed previously.


Everything went as planned, we were able to brace the remaining walls, and tie the drainage system on the remaining walls into the sump pump we had installed previously. So the customer was able to work with us in two phases to accommodate their budget, and we were able to make it all work with one sump pump and get all of the walls braced and the basement waterproofed.

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The Initial Call

So this customer, he’s a returning customer. We’ve already been in contact with him several times. He’s called and let us know that he was ready, and when he was going to be ready to start on the second part of the job. He called, I set his appointment up with Erik, because that was the one that had already went out to see the job. But we have to go back out there just to double check to make sure there were no changes.

So Erik took care of that, it moved to Brian, Brian scheduled everything. I kept communication open between Erik, Brian and the customer, letting him know the dates and times that our guys would be out there to start the job.


The Consultation

So at the time, Mike made the decision to go ahead and go with our full repair on the rear wall, which would be the entire exterior dig out, straighten the wall, fully waterproof it, put in a sump pump system to deal with the water and then interior steel wall braces as well to help strengthen that wall up. Then we actually ended up making a return trip. Mike wanted us to come back out and then look at one of the other options that I had presented originally to him. So then at that point, we came back out, we actually ended up doing some bracing on the front wall with another one of our drainage systems. And now, pretty much the entire basement is protected at this point.


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The Work

On this one, what we did was we did a interior drain and we did wall sheeting down the entire front wall, which went from his finished side of his house into the garage. And then we also put in five I-beam braces to help support the wall. The reason why we only supported the front structure is because the wall wasn’t in far enough that we needed to excavate it and push the wall back. So we decided to put the braces on, put the interior drain and the wall sheeting to help reduce the water pressure, and then stop the wall where it is at the moment. During this, we didn’t have to install a new pump because we already had one from the existing job. So what we did was we just tied into that system, ran everything into it, and then re concreted. So now this particular homeowner has his entire house fixed, after he’d done the second job.


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The Results

And we do all of that working towards the ultimate goal, which is we want our customers to be able to tell 10 of their friends, to tell their neighbors, to tell their family members, to go out on Google and give us a public review that’s going to live forever.

And we talk about those tenants and the results of those tenants in terms of getting the referrals and the results of the reviews as our reward.

And so it’s always great as owner to have those returning customers come back to us to give us affirmation that we’re doing the things we need to do to continue to be regarded as the best among all foundation repair companies in Kansas City.

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