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Basement Waterproofing Case Study

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Case Study


Liberty, MO

Type of Foundation


Type of House


Age of House

Built in 1960

The Problem

This Liberty homeowner contacted us about basement waterproofing issues.

Proposed Solution

We installed a sump pump with a backup system, an interior drain, and wall sheeting. Once we got done with that, we ran the discharge probably about 20, 25 feet away from the house until we had enough positive slope to make sure that the water that was coming from the exterior wasn’t finding its way back in.


When we were done, the customer was satisfied. Their basement was dry, everything was clean after the foundation repair work we did on this Liberty home.

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The Initial Call

My first encounter with the customer was through Home Advisors. I called her to see what her issues were and schedule an appointment with her. She told me she had some water leakage in her basement. She was very concerned. I knew that Erik had a lot of experience in that department so I put her on Erik’s schedule. Erik went out there, she accepted his contract and I spoke with her and we set everything up. That’s when she talked to Brian and they scheduled for the work to be done.


The Consultation

It hadn’t experienced much movement. We checked for movement laterally and vertically, hadn’t experienced any of that. Mainly we were concerned with water on this property. She had stated that water is coming in several different areas of the home. So there’s several different ways to attack that.
What we ended up doing was some injections on a couple of cracks that were coming off of some windows, very common occurrence. We also dug some window wells down and repacked them. Is what we call it, put gravel down there. It allows the water to drain out instead of coming up over the windows. And then also we coupled all of that with our interior drain system with wall shield. We did that because this one wall had experienced quite a bit of water, and so we wanted to make sure it was fully protected with a lifetime warranty.


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The Work

On this particular job, there was a few different items that we did. The major item that we did was the sump pump with the backup system, the interior drain, and the wall sheeting. On this particular job, it was a bit tedious and difficult because we had to work around the basement stairs coming down the wall, so what we did was we actually removed the stairs a little bit off the wall to slide the wall sheeting behind it and then we dug underneath the stairs so we could run the interior drain all the way under and then the wall sheeting down to the interior drain. That way we know when we got done, everything was fully waterproofed on that wall. That was about 25 feet, it was a shorter wall, but the wall was leaking quite a bit. The reason why we did the wall sheeting versus the crack injection is because there was numerous cracks on the wall and we didn’t want to have the problem of the wall trying to move and break open the cracks.

Once we got done with that, we ran the discharge probably about 20, 25 feet away from the house until we had enough positive slope to make sure that the water that was coming from the exterior wasn’t finding its way back in.


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The Results

During the consultation itself, which is critical because we really approach a homeowner’s perspective in the consultation to kind of unwrap what is a black box of foundation issues to many homeowners, and so we take that approach with our homeowners to not only educate them as to what is going on and why the issues are taking place, but then how and what options we have to ultimately fix them. So that education to the homeowners we feel is extremely important so they feel right at home and have a lot of confidence in us, that we have kind of closed that gap of trust, really help them through the process and see that we’re right choice when they ultimately choose it.

And then during the production period, we’re going to communicate again upfront when we’re going to be there, the window of which we are going to be there. We’re going to communicate that from the office from a production manager standpoint. And ultimately when we arrive at the job, when we’re doing the job, we’re going to educate them again through our resolution process, why we’re doing the things that we’re doing, the timelines that go with them. So they’re abundantly clear from their perspective as how that job is going to go and the pace of that job is going to go and when we’re ultimately going to finish up.

When we finished the job, we’re going to walk the customer through the job. We’re going to ensure that they understand what we’ve done and why we’ve done it and see it being done. The job site is going to be extremely clean. We take a lot of pride in that to ultimately leave the job site the way we found it or if not, better. And then as the job closes, we’re going to communicate from the office again to ensure that they’re ultimately happy and satisfied. We’re going to send them an email. We’re going to have a job review that they can provide us feedback with. And ultimately feel like they’ve chosen the right choice when they called KC Pier.

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