Footings and I Beams in South Kansas City

How’s it going, everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. And today, we’re actually out in South Kansas City, going to be looking at a foundation job that we’re doing out here and installing footings. And lucky for us, we got our Director of Operations, Brian Dufour, here on site […]

Overland Park Full Basement Foundation Repair

Day 1 – Unique Basement Foundation Repair in Overland Park Today we’re an Overland Park doing a unique basement foundation repair on a home. The previous homeowners decided not to fix the structure correctly. So what they did is they came in, lifted the main house off of the foundation and added concrete around it […]

Foundation Piering: How it Works

Hello, my name is Brian Dufour. I am the Director of Operations here at KC Pier. We are in Independence and the weather’s panned out for us at the moment. What we’re doing here at this home is we’re installing five DynaPiers on the corner of this home to prevent it from settling any further. […]