How Do I Prepare My Home For Crawl Space Encapsulation?

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When it comes to preparing your home for crawl space encapsulation, you might find yourself wondering about the necessary steps and the homeowner’s role in the process. With experts in the field, like the skilled crews at KC Pier, the process is streamlined and efficient. Our solutions for crawl space encapsulation are top-notch, ensuring a transformation of your crawl space from a dark, wet, and musty area to a bright, clean, and environmentally controlled space.

Homeowner’s Role: Clearing the Space

As a homeowner, your role in the preparation process is quite straightforward. If there are personal items or building materials under your home, it’s important to clear these out before the encapsulation process begins. This helps to create a clean and unobstructed workspace for the crew, ensuring a smoother and faster encapsulation process.

By taking the initiative to remove these items, you are contributing to the efficiency of the process and helping to guarantee that your crawl space encapsulation is completed without any hitches. So, grab those items and clear the way for a transformation of your crawl space.

Our Process: A Bright and Controlled Space

Our process involves taking your dark, wet, and musty crawl space and turning it into a bright white, encapsulated area. This space may include a dehumidifier, a sump pump, and our Smart Home Technology, known as KC Pier Ship Shape. All of these components work together to create an environmentally controlled space beneath your home.

Rest assured, our team of experts takes care of every detail, ensuring that the crawl space encapsulation process is seamless and efficient. With the knowledge and experience of our crews, there is really not much you need to do as a homeowner once the process begins.

Inspection and Communication: Clear and Precise

Before the encapsulation process begins, our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your crawl space. We will identify any issues that could potentially get in the way of the encapsulation process, addressing these concerns ahead of time to ensure a smooth operation.

Our communication throughout this process is extremely clear and precise. From the structural consultation to the resolution, we maintain a high level of transparency and make sure that you are informed every step of the way. This approach ensures that there are no surprises and that you are fully aware of the process and progress.

Execution and Results: Quick and Effective

Once our crew arrives on-site, they get to work immediately, aiming to fully encapsulate your crawl space and implement the necessary environmental controls within one to three days. The typical job usually takes around two days to complete, but the results are well worth it.

You end up with a bright white, clean, and environmentally controlled space beneath your home, fully equipped with Smart Home Technology and all the benefits that come with a professionally encapsulated crawl space.


Opting for KC Pier for your crawl space encapsulation guarantees a lifetime warranty and the confidence of excellent workmanship. As a homeowner, your role is straightforward – provide your approval, and we’ll handle everything else, guiding you on how to prepare your home for crawl space encapsulation.

Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that your home is in good hands, and the results of our encapsulation process speak for themselves. With a clean, controlled space under your home, you gain peace of mind and a valuable addition to your property.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to start the process of transforming your crawl space today.

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