Prevent Water from Pooling with these Drainage Solutions

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If excess water and dampness are a concern for your home, there are plenty of drainage solutions. You can have improvements to your drainage system to prevent water pooling.

Water pooling around your foundation can lead to wet basements and other moisture problems. From interior to exterior, getting rid of pooling water will save your yard, your basement, and your foundation.

Prevent Water from Pooling with these Drainage Solutions

Heavy rainfall and melting snow can cause water to sit in your yard for long periods of time. This is not ideal if it’s near your foundation and can cause problems for your landscaping.

Check Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters and downspouts are all working and not leaking or allowing water to run down the side of your house. This will pool up at the base of your foundation and cause problems with moisture and weaken the foundation.

Install Drain Pipes

Having drain pipes installed is a great drainage solution. Perforated drain pipes are common for these issues. These drain pipes allow you to direct the excess water to go where you want it.

You can install drain pipes inside the home and underneath your grass or yard. If it is inside, it is connected to your sump pump and that will move all the excess water away from your home.

There are several types of drainage systems, so when you call for a consultation, the contractor will let you know what is best for your own situation. This is not a DIY project, regardless of what anyone tells you.

Waterproofing Membrane

Another great drainage solution is waterproofing membrane. It is a waterproof substance that is applied to surfaces to keep them dry. It can be in liquid form or sheets made of the same or similar materials.

It is ideal as it can be used indoors or out. It’s perfect for placing under your flower bed, in your basement, around your retaining wall, and your foundation.

Sump Pumps

Most homes have a sump pump. But if you are not the original owner of the home you are living in, it’s a good idea to check. If you already have a sump pump, get an additional one for back-up.

This is a smart investment if you are in a high-risk area for flooding. There are different types of pumps available and you can have extra sump pump discharge lines installed, for extra security.

These pumps also have lids for more protections and you can also have a battery back-up for floods during a power outage. If you have been having problems with your pump, perhaps you need to have it checked out.

Moisture Barrier Wall

A moisture barrier in your wall is there to prevent the moisture in the air from seeping in. Humidity from the summer, from heavy rains, from melting snow, all that mixture in the air needs to go somewhere.

These are often tailored to suit your climate, so if humidity is a concern, it might be a great drainage solution for your foundation. The materials used also need to be able to dry out, so not to keep your walls damp.

Drainage Solutions

Dampness and excess water are never welcome. If you need more information about drainage solutions, please follow this link, or contact us directly. We can assess your home and find the best solution for your water and dampness problems.

We will diagnose your foundation issue and explain the best solution available for your time frame, budget and goals.

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