What are the Differences Between Box Store Sump Pumps and the Type of Sump Pumps KC Pier Installs?

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KC Pier has its own line of sump pumps that go above and beyond the standard fare for waterproofing equipment. Today, we’ll show you the difference between our products and box store sump pumps.

Sump Pumps: Why Would You Need One?

A sump pump is a management device system that handles the unwanted water that enters your home. While most waterproofing companies will put these pumps in the corner of the house, KC Pier prefers to create a specific and more ideal location dedicated for them. That’s one of the first things that distinguishes us from other brands.

One of our most common sump systems is regulated by a float valve that sits inside a basin, which we install underneath the basement or crawl space floor. There are cutouts in the sump basin that allow water to enter the device and trigger that float valve. When that happens, it will engage the device to draw water through the pump and out from the home.

KC Pier Sump Pumps: Commercial-Grade Power

The KC Pier sump pump is a commercial-grade version, built with a ¾ horsepower, 3,500 gallons per hour pump AND an additional ⅓ horsepower backup battery.

The backup element is important because it keeps the pump running even if you lose power during a severe thunderstorm. Then there are several monitoring sensors that allow us to track the pump’s activity for power usage, water management, and humidity level. KC Pier monitors all of this, so if an alarm triggers for any reason, we find out about it immediately. Homeowners receive the same notification as well.

Many basements in Kansas City NEED a sump pump to manage water, pull it away from vulnerable areas, and protect the investment they put into a basement (especially finished ones).

There are several significant differences between the basic sump pump you’d find in a hardware store versus what KC Pier offers. For example, our battery backup pump (the ⅓ horsepower component) is about all you’d get from a typical store-bought sump pump. We include that as part of a much bigger package, which is like getting a 2-for-1 deal (dual protection if you lose electricity).

Our Products Hook Up to Other Drainage Systems

The other advantage to selecting our equipment over box store sump pumps is that you can coordinate the sump pump with other interior drainage systems. We develop those systems to address excessive water entering the basement through the foundation’s cold joints, a common problem in our area. KC Pier does this by connecting one of two drain tube styles directly into the sump pump to establish a more comprehensive, full-blown water management program.

Whether you do this with a normal or self-cleaning drain tube system, it can cover up to 100 feet with the use of a single sump pump. These solutions are much more extensive than store-bought products. Plus, our advanced monitoring technology gives you the chance to check various stats on exactly how much water the sump pump is handling.

Want to Learn More? Call KC Pier for Expert Help on Waterproofing Solutions

Our two greatest competencies are basement waterproofing and foundation repair. We address almost any problems that affect the bottom of your property, issues that could threaten the very integrity of your structure. Homeowners who have suffered through calamities like basement flooding, leaks, and foundation wall cracks, know how essential these products and services are.

If you’d like to learn more about KC Pier’s sump pumps and other water management equipment, then contact us anytime.

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