What is a Crawl Space?

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How much do you know about your home’s crawl space? It’s not the most glamorous area of the house, but then again neither is your septic tank, yet both serve an important role. Here, we’d like to give a quick snapshot of this ground-level location, and what to do if you notice damage around it.

What is the Purpose of a Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces are a hybrid option in between a slab home and basement foundation. They give you some space to work with in between the wet soil and your supporting joists. You can position certain equipment like a furnace or AC unit in this area if you don’t want to build a full basement.

It’s also common to see homeowners run their cables through this space. In certain areas around Kansas City, it helps to have this option if the soil under your home won’t permit a full basement.

Common Crawl Space Issues

Of course, like any place in your home, this area may be vulnerable to damage. We recommend you keep an eye out for these common problems that may require renovation or repair.

  • Moisture intrusion (including, but not limited to flooding).
  • An increase in condensation around your HVAC unit, walls, or the vapor barrier.
  • Insulation deteriorating or hanging off the joists.
  • Lots of mold around the joists and sub-flooring.
  • Rotting wood and rusted metal.

These are the kinds of troubles that indicate greater structural issues, or they’ll spread to the rest of your home. This area can also become a home to mice or insects. Finally, too much moisture could be the culprit if your home’s hardwood floors are warping.

When You Might Need Repair Service

KC Pier can address these problems with comprehensive crawl space repair. It’s critical to keep this area as waterproof as possible. Many houses even suffer higher energy bills because their HVAC equipment in that location sustains damage from dampness and humidity.

There are several important reasons to fix your crawl space area. You can actually add lots of value to your home by undergoing renovation either there or around a basement. This is how we improve water intrusion problems underneath your home.

  • We perform something we call an “encapsulation” process, which first involves sealing off all the surrounding vents.
  • Then we install or replace a reinforced moisture barrier over the top of the floor to dehumidify everything.
  • Finally, if necessary, we integrate these techniques with other drain water control systems.

Those are some of the most common ways we help Kansas City homeowners eliminate water issues. We also specialize in other important services like sump pump installation, wall repair, and anything else to help sustain your building’s foundation. Since the earth is so dynamic and constantly shifting beneath us, it’s crucial to have your home on sturdy footing.

Get the Best Foundation Repair from the Experts at KC Pier

We’re the best company in Kansas City for comprehensive foundation repair service. This is not the kind of work you should entrust to a handyman or to do by yourself. Our guys have decades of combined experience doing this with heavy-duty excavation equipment.

If you have cracked walls, water intrusion, sump-pump problems, or other related issues, then it’ll cost you nothing to have us inspect your home. We have all the requisite bonding and licensing to do work like this, along with dozens of positive testimonials from homeowners like you. KC Pier is also a past recipient of the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

Contact us today for effective crawl space repair for your home in Kansas City.

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