What is a Sump Pump?

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What is a sump pump and how does it benefit homeowners who are struggling to keep water away from their homes?

This is one of KC Pier’s many ways to address foundation pooling, leaky basements, and a host of other problems. Here, we’ll demonstrate why this is such a popular and effective tool for any residential homeowner in Kansas City.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

It’s a device system that will manage the water that enters underneath the house. They’re a reliable way to thwart runoff water, especially when we experience heavy thunderstorms in the Midwest. Many service companies or homeowners will position these pumps in the corner of a house, but KC Pier prefers to create the space for the installation.

We have our own pumps, many of which contain backup batteries and other power sources. They’re regulated by a float valve, and sit within a basin, which goes under the floor of a typical basement or crawl space. There will be cutouts within the pump basin that allow water to penetrate, enter up the basin (triggering the float). It then initiates the pump to draw the water up and out of the home.

KC Pier’s Sump Pump Equipment

The KC Pier version is a commercial-grade pump, capable of ¾ horsepower (3,500 gallons per hour) with an additional ⅓ horsepower battery-powered backup pump in case you lose electricity.

The basin is professionally molded and contains multiple monitoring devices that manage water. They also set off alarms if something goes wrong. Then they have humidity sensors, which are essential for controlling damp crawl spaces and ensuring air quality.

All KC sump pumps offer professional monitoring systems to handle virtually every variable. Those alarms also signal us if something’s damaged, and you’ll receive a text message notification on your end. These devices are essential for every home in this area because we all have some difficulty with humidity and water intrusion, especially if you own a basement.

Other Quick Maintenance Tips

You might recall one of our earlier posts where we went over some maintenance tips for these devices. It’s worth reviewing this because, although pumps are not hard to maintain, there are legitimate things you should do to extend the life expectancy.

We recommend cleaning your pump every so often to get rid of any foreign material that may accumulate. This would include dirt, debris, gravel, sand, grease or anything else. Cleaning it isn’t too hard, and you can consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Finally, don’t forget to test the pump at least once a year, and preferably before the rainy seasons in Kansas City. It’s easy to test one by pouring water into the sump pit while watching to see if it processes it efficiently through the system. If you experience trouble, call us, and we’ll look at it for you.

Contact KC Pier Anytime for Real Drainage Solutions & Waterproofing

Your pump should last about 10 years, provided you take care of it, following proper installation. Our service crews are well aware of how to do this since it’s one of our most common jobs. You can rely on KC Pier for expert waterproofing, drainage system installation, and foundation repair.

We enjoy an excellent reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and all our previous customers. All our service technicians and installation guys have licensing and insurance to do any of this work in either Kansas or Missouri. Service areas include communities like Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, Prairie Village and many other places.

If you need help installing or fixing a sump pump on your property, then contact KC Pier today for prompt and reliable service.

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