5 Signs Your Kansas City Home is Ready for a New Drainage System

5 Signs Your Kansas City Home is Ready for a New Drainage System

Getting a new drainage system put in can help solve a lot of issues you may be having. Your drainage system is there to keep the water from pooling around the base and the foundation of your house.

Your drainage system should be built to last but it won’t last forever. You may need a new drainage system if you have been having serious and repeated problems with drainage and excess water.

5 Signs Your Kansas City Home is Ready for a New Drainage System

Whether you are experiencing water overflowing on the exterior of your home from your gutters or problems in your basement, these may be signs you need to have your drainage system checked out.

  • Damp Basement

If you have been noticing damp spots in your basement or even an excess of condensation, it is a sign that moisture or water is getting in. depending on where the patches or stains are can also be an indication of how serious the problem is.

But it is always a problem. It’s caused by too much water sitting outside of the foundation, or a leak from above. Call and have your foundation checked out and find out why the water is getting in.

  • Flooding

You may need a new drainage system if you are finding more than just damp patches in your basement. There could be some serious issues if there is flooding in your basement.

There could be problems with your roof and you may find wet patches or puddles in your attic. This could be from your gutters because they are broken or clogged with leaves and debris.

  • Overflowing Gutters

Your gutters and drain pipes are instrumental for catching the rainwater that comes off your roof and directing it down and away from your house. If the water is coming over the edge and running down your house, it will pool at the bottom.

Either your gutters are full or they need to be replaced. If they are old, they may be broken, rusted, or just pulled away from the roof. It’s very important these are kept in great working order.

  • Pooling Water

If there are pools of water on your lawn, in your garden, or around the base of your home, then your drainage system isn’t working properly. If you notice water that doesn’t go away after a rainstorm, there could be a problem underneath the ground.

If there are pools of water for no reason, there could be a broken pipe or drainage damage under the surface. It’s important to have this checked out as this is a sign there is something wrong.

  • Lawn, Soil, or Sidewalks Moving

Water building up under the surface will cause your sidewalk to lift and crack. You may notice that piles of dirt, soil, or mulch are sliding away from your yard and out into the street or public sidewalk.

If the water can’t remove itself naturally it will start to build up or gush in one particular area. This is a good sign you need to have your drainage system looked at and likely replaced.

New Drainage System

Don’t wait to call us with your drainage problems. Excess water can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. If that water is allowed to freeze and then thaw, your problems will be even worse.

Call us today at KC Pier and find out if you need a new drainage system for your home. We can help with the interior and the exterior.

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