Are Egress Windows a Wise Investment?

Are Egress Windows a Wise Investment

If you are doing some remodeling on your home and wondering are egress windows a wise investment, the answer is, yes. They can add a lot of value to your home in safety and visually.

A finished basement is not quite finished until you add an egress window. They allow you another way in and out of the home in case of emergency but they also look great.

Are Egress Windows a Wise Investment?

Egress windows are a great addition to your basement. You can choose any style and size you like, to make your basement much more appealing.


Regardless of where you are putting the windows, an egress window can help save lives. Whether in the basement or an upper bedroom, the ability to get out quickly can save your family.

Having another exit or entrance is always a great safety measure. You never know when it will come in extremely handy. Here’s hoping you never have to find out.

Not only do egress windows help you and your family escape if needed, but they are also a way for emergency personnel to get in. In case there is something blocking the main door, they can enter through the egress windows.

Added Comfort

Another reason you may ask are egress windows are a wise investment, is that they make the room more comfortable. As egress windows are bigger than most windows, they let in more air and light.

If you are living in an older home, chances are the basement windows are tiny. They don’t let in much light and hardly any air can get in. Plus, they are not big enough for someone to get in or out.

If it is at ground level, it can be used to access the backyard or patio without having to go through the whole house. This can be very convenient if you have guests or rent out the room or a suite.

This is ideal for your basement or a room that is in shadow or often dark. Opening up the egress window lets a nice breeze in and can add much more needed light for plants, and mental health.

Added Value

If you are considering putting your home on the market, the egress windows are bound to get you your investment back. When you list the home, you can call the basement an additional bedroom.

Marketing your home with an extra bedroom is very appealing to potential buyers. The idea that you will get much closer to your asking price is proof that egress windows are a wise investment.

Even if your basement isn’t finished, the egress window is still a strong selling point. It’s just another investment that a buyer doesn’t have to make themselves. They may appreciate the window and plan their own space around it.

If your basement is finished and you do have a bedroom or two in the basement, then you can ask for a lot more than the cost of installing your egress window and the initial investment.

Are Egress Windows a Wise Investment

Yes, egress windows are a wise investment. Even if your windows are below ground level, you can dig a small well to allow the window to be opened and closed and even give you some space to sit.

You can have various designs and covers for your egress windows to match up to the rest of your home. For more information or to book an appointment, please call us here at KC Pier. Get your egress windows today for peace of mind and to add value to your home.

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