6 Reasons to Seek Out Professional Help for Basement Waterproofing

If you are wondering if you need basement waterproofing, the answer is yes. Basements are prone to dampness anyhow, and they are the first place you may find leaks. It might seem like an unnecessary cost but not compared to the cost of water-related repairs you may need later on. Regardless of whether you have […]

Why Are Sump Pumps Important?

Our team at KC Pier has been getting more and more calls about water issues. We talk to homeowners who have questions about water in their basement, coming through the cracks in the foundation and walls, and how they can handle the situation.

If a House Requires Foundation Piers, How Are They Installed?

Do you know when your home requires foundation piers? You may have received an inspection report or be able to tell there is a problem just by looking at the structure; however, regardless of why you think piercing is necessary, it is important not to delay in calling for assistance.