KC Pier Announces KC Monarch Sponsorship Agreement

KC Pier and KC Property Guys Announce KC Monarch Sponsorship Agreement

Monarch fans – are you ready for a unique partnership with one of Kansas City’s most popular businesses? The Kansas City Monarchs are pleased to announce a unique partnership with KC Pier. What does this partnership mean for the team and KC Pier?

This sponsorship helps demonstrate major engagement with the local community.

The sponsorship is a multi-year agreement. Supporting the team long-term shows that KC Pier is in this partnership for the long haul.

This sponsorship will include advertising on Legends field, making KC Pier more visible to baseball fans. Advertising will also appear on the paid digital video and free audio channels, as well, including sponsored messages and branded post-game reports.

About Kansas City Monarchs – A History of the Team

The present-day Kansas City Monarchs were founded in 1993 as the Kanas City T-Bones and played their first Legends Field game in 2003. Part of the Northern League from 2003 to 2010, the T-Bones initially had a somewhat rocky start. However, things started to look up for the team in 2011 after joining the American Association.

In 2020, after experiencing a loss of access to their original stadium, the team partnered with the Kansas City Royals. This partnership resulted in a rebranding as the Monarchs, in homage to the Black team from the 1920s, a renewed lease, and the use of the original T-Bones site as an alternate summer training site. The KC Monarchs won the American Association championship in 2021.

In addition to partnering with KC Pier, the Monarchs enjoy a partnership with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. This is a brand with an appreciation for its past, as well as its future.

About KC Pier – Foundation Repair Experts in Kansas City

KC Pier offers a complete range of foundation repair services. The company is locally owned and operated, gladly serving the entire Kansas City area. All of KC Pier’s foundation professionals are employees, with the extensive training in foundation repair that customers expect.

Some of the services that KC Pier provides include:

For assistance with any of these issues, KC Pier is ready and willing to help. Customers who decide to contact KC Pier for their foundation problems are certain to have a satisfactory resolution. Monarch fans attending games that KC Pier sponsors will have more of an opportunity to learn about how this brand may benefit them.

This partnership with the Monarchs demonstrates the company’s dedication to the city. As this partnership spans multiple years, the benefits of the sponsorship agreement will be seen for years to come.

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