Why is Egress Window Installation a Wise Decision for Kansas City Homeowners?

egress window installation

Egress window installation is one of the most important steps you can take to make your house safer. Most of these windows are in bedrooms, but it is also common for them to be present in basements.

These windows can give EMS workers an easy access route to your home, as well as provide an escape route during an emergency. Read on to learn more about the important emergency benefits, as well as other advantages of egress windows.

An Important Access Point and Escape Route

During fires or similar emergencies, egress windows can provide easy escape routes, as they will accommodate adults as well as children. You need every available second in such a situation, and these windows increase the chances of escape. If anyone is at the basement level, they don’t have to think about getting back upstairs to get out.

Egress windows also make it easier for firefighters and EMS workers to get into your home in an emergency. First responders may not be able to enter through traditional routes, depending on the circumstances. These windows can help when someone becomes injured in space difficult to access with a gurney.

Egress Window Installation Can Add to Your Home

Egress window installation can be one of the best ways to give your home a unique style. Despite not being as visible as some other windows, they are still a great way to express your style. Although these windows have a utilitarian purpose, you can still make them as stylish as possible.

These windows can be opened to the right or left, giving you maximum flexibility. You can have your choice of coverings added, as well as an escape ladder. You can also have a drain added to keep water from getting into egress windows at the basement level.

Egress Window Installation: A Superior Option for Air Circulation

Many homeowners find egress windows useful for extra ventilation. Your family may find the basement a nicer area to spend time in with better ventilation. Fresh air in the basement also has major benefits for your health.

The health issues that basements contribute to are alleviated with fresh air. Mold and mildew are less likely to accumulate in areas with fresh air. People with allergies or other respiratory symptoms will enjoy fewer problems without mold or mildew around.

Adding More Daylight to Your Basement

If you want or need more daylight in your basement, egress windows can be a great way to accomplish this task. Increased daylight provides extra health benefits that many don’t even immediately think about. When you get more daylight, you’ll get a better night’s sleep because your body’s internal clock functions as it is supposed to.

Using less lighting during the daytime also means savings on your electric bill. Energy-efficient homes are more important these days, and there is no reason your basement can’t be part of this strategy. Many buyers are likely to consider energy-efficient homes over others.

Better Lighting for Activities

Egress windows are large enough to provide substantial lighting for activities. If you have extra lighting during the daytime, you don’t need to think about buying extra fixtures. Children’s play areas will be safer, and home offices or craft rooms will give you better lighting for getting things done.

Adding these windows at the basement level can make it easier to use this area for more activities. You may be able to use this area as a guest suite, home office, or exercise room. The better your lighting, the better your opportunities.

If you’re interested in adding egress windows to your home, KC Pier can help. Contact us today to find out about egress window installation and other related services that we may provide.

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