Advantages of Egress Window Installation

Egress Window Installation

Egress window installation is a very important safety measure that many homeowners overlook. In short, one of these windows measures about 5.7 square feet, which makes it large enough for an adult to exit during an emergency. Another key advantage that these windows offer is providing an access point for the fire department and other EMS personnel.

Although windows installed in bedrooms are technically egress windows, these are also the types of windows often found in basements. Read on to learn more about the advantages of putting egress windows in your home for your safety, convenience, health, and your home value.

Providing a Reliable Escape Route

One of the most compelling reasons to have egress windows is to provide an escape route when your home is on fire. Every second counts, and it stands to reason that you might not have time to get to a different room. When you have one of these windows at the basement level, you won’t have to worry about trying to get back upstairs to escape.

Egress windows are also helpful when your basement is part of a habitable space. With many homeowners using their basements as a home office or studio spaces, extra bedroom suites, or recreation rooms, having an escape point helps make these areas as safe as possible. Depending on how you use this area, the extra light may prove very helpful.

How Does Egress Window Installation Provide Daylighting Benefits?

Egress window installation offers multiple benefits for increasing daylighting in your basement. Although it’s somewhat common to think mostly about the safety benefits of these windows, they also provide health benefits. Getting more daylight helps regulate your body’s internal clock and makes it easier for you to sleep better at night.

You’ll also be able to save on your utility bills by using less daytime lighting. Using less lighting is an important part of creating a more energy-efficient home. If you sell your home at any point, there’s a great chance prospective buyers will appreciate this step.

Egress Windows Can Be Great for Ventilation

Although many think of egress windows as a means of escape during fires, they’re also great for ventilation. Access to fresh air can make your home’s basement area a lot more attractive. Another helpful thing to keep in mind is that there are possible health benefits to having windows you can open in your basement.

The fresh air that windows provide also helps prevent some common health complaints related to basements. Allowing fresh air into the basement makes it more difficult for mildew and mold to form. Because mildew and mold are both associated with allergies and other respiratory problems, your family will enjoy better health.

Egress Window Installation: Adding Some Unique Style to Your Home

Egress windows can be a unique way of adding style to your home. Even though such windows are not as visible from curbs, they can still add a unique flair to your home. Even if your primary reason for having one of these windows is to have an easy fire escape, there is no reason they need to be boring or detract from your home’s appearance.

Our windows are designed to slide to the right or left, depending on your preference. An added drain will help keep rainwater from getting in the window. We also add a six to eight-foot window well, as well as an escape ladder and your choice of coverings.

KC Pier specializes in egress window installation, one of the best additions you can make to your home, contact us today to find out about the helpful services that we can provide for your basement and foundation.

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