Why You Should Consider Having Egress Windows Installed

Why You Should Consider Having Egress Windows Installed

If your home has a basement or any other enclosed area, it might be a good idea to have egress windows installed. These unique windows offer a variety of benefits and can significantly improve the safety of your home. Let’s break down some reasons to install egress windows with the help of certified window installation specialists like KC Pier.

Egress Windows Explained

In a nutshell, egress windows are very similar to normal large windows. Most importantly, they open up completely, allowing any building inhabitants to escape if there’s an emergency, like a house fire. In Kansas City and beyond, egress windows are required for finished basements if they are intended to be used as living spaces (like one-person apartments).

Most egress windows come with a window well, which is a half-circle or rectangular shield that sits within a small patch of excavated earth.

Egress windows are often finished with ladders or other escape tools as well. These tools allow individuals to climb above ground if they need to escape a fire, flood, or other hazards.


Egress windows have many major benefits that make them prime choices for Kansas City houses.

For example, egress windows can keep you or your family safe if there’s a house fire and one or more people are stuck in a basement or other belowground space. On top of that, egress windows give firefighters or emergency personnel another way to enter a home if the front door or other entrances are blocked or inaccessible.

But what about benefits other than safety? Turns out, egress windows are excellent for aesthetics, as well! Because egress windows have large windowpanes, they allow lots of natural light into normally dark, underground spaces. For example, if you wish to convert your basement into a living space or second bedroom, egress windows will make the place feel a lot more open and spacious.

Egress windows may also improve ventilation in your home, allowing you to fully utilize your basement space and keep it clean and fresh. Depending on your home plans, egress windows can significantly improve your home’s resell value. Egress windows can be made from a variety of materials ranging from stone to brick to wood and more, so they can easily work with your existing home aesthetic or style.

How to Get Egress Windows Installed

No matter your unique needs or how many egress windows you want to be installed, you can’t go wrong by contacting professionals. KC Pier has been installing egress windows for Kansas City homeowners for years, and we’ve gathered quite a lot of experience when it comes to installing these windows safely and securely!

Each of our windows will be easy to slide to the left or right, as well as feature removable screens. KC Pier egress windows are well-designed and perfect for ensuring safe escapes in the event of a house fire.

Even better, we install egress windows with optional window covers. These will improve natural light but also add extra safety as you improve or renovate your basement.

Not sure whether egress windows are really right for you or your home? KC Pier offers a free consultation for all new customers. All you have to do is give us a call and one of our specialists will come out to your property to take a look at your basement and other egress window installation points.

No matter what you need, we can work within your budget and help you get egress windows installed in no time – contact us today for a free consultation!

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