What do Ceiling Cracks Mean

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Have you ever seen ceiling cracks like this before? These ceiling cracks are running across a hallway, from one wall to the other. Ceiling cracks like this in your house, tend to point to settling. In this particular house, it was actually a back room, the room that we’re sitting in right now, that is actually beginning to drop and settle. When you see cracks like this, the last thing you want to do is actually repair the crack before you repair the issue. The issue is the settling. And if you don’t fix the settling, then ultimately that crack is just going to come back season after season, regardless of how many times you repair it. In this particular case, we have a house that has this deck that was built on to create a three-season room. It’s a beautiful three-season room. It’s got finished windows, stucco on the outside, finished walls on the inside.

What do Ceiling Cracks Mean

Obviously large enough to fit this couch, a couple of chairs, very comfortably, but underneath it, when you look at it, you’ll actually see that it was a deck. There’s a floor joist running across, that needed some additional support. And this is something that we do at KC Pier. With this particular house what we did is, we set three footers across the span of the deck. And underneath those three footers, we would put posts to help support the floor joists running across this particular deck. This is something we can do with KC Pier all the time. Our guys are really good about adding supports that will take care of these foundation cracks at the point of settling.

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If you guys have cracks in your house that looks something like this, that run across ceilings, and potentially have something in your house that could be settling, and it could be an add on like this, or it could be a corner of the house that begins to settle over the years, we can look at either piering or creating posts to help support those. If this is something you want us to take a look at, just simply go to kcpier.com. You can fill out a web form. We’ll be in contact with you. We’ll set up an appointment to come take a look and we’ll assess your issue.

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