Why Egress Window Installation May Benefit Your Kansas City Home

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If you are renovating an older home, you will need to think about egress window installation. These are necessary for an easy, emergency exit or if emergency personnel need to get in.

These are not only a great safety feature, but they actually look great and add value to your home. They add a lot of natural light and help with ventilation. Replacing old windows with egress windows is a smart and necessary move.

Why Egress Window Installation May Benefit Your Kansas City Home

Installing egress windows has many benefits and there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Safety First

Egress window installation gives you more options for getting out of your home in case of an emergency. There are measurement guidelines for the egress windows to provide an exit from an area that doesn’t have one.

If you were in the basement with no way to get back up the stairs, your egress windows will let you get out to safety. They can also allow people in if you or someone else is stuck or in trouble.

Improve Airflow

Basements can be dark and musty. If you are looking to make extra space in the basement, you want the air to be able to circulate. Installing a laundry room, or a den with a fireplace will need ventilation.

Older homes tend to have dark, small windows that don’t provide much light and may only open a few inches, or not even open at all. A fresh breeze will clear out the lingering odors that basements tend to have.

With windows on either side, you can get a powerful breeze coming through. This could keep the air conditioner off or work as an indoor clothesline if you need the space for that.

Natural Light

Egress window installation will open up the space so much more and allow a lot more natural light in. This is a really big issue with basements. If you could go about your business without having to constantly turn on the lights, it makes a big difference.

It will actually help save money on your energy bills while it boosts your mood. You can enjoy the basement more with egress windows by adding some plants, a playroom, or a family room.

You may find yourself more motivated to fix up the basement once you have the egress windows. It will look like a whole new space. Perfect for an extra bedroom, a small apartment for your aging parent, or a home office.

Added Value

They are definitely an added feature that makes your home more appealing. You can get fancy with the wells outside of the windows and you also have choices of the types of windows that are available.

Egress window installation also brings your home up to code, so that is another bonus when it comes to insurance or if you are considering listing the home for sale.

As long as you have the windows installed by a professional you know they won’t leak or cause a problem. Installing egress windows is a big job, so be prepared to have a lot of noise and work crew around.

Egress Window Installation

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From our experience installing egress windows, we can provide more details that are helpful to anyone considering egress window installation in Kansas City.

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