What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Water from Damaging Your Foundation?

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In the foundation world, an ounce of medicine is worth a pound of cure. This goes hand in hand with what we do at KC Pier.

Foundation issues in the Kansas City area are commonly caused by water. However, it’s not just the water causing these problems. The issue occurs when the water mixes with the clay in the soils. The moisture causes the clay to expand. As the clay dries, it contracts. This constant expansion and contraction cycle can cause a lot of damage as time passes.

The only way to prevent these issues is to prevent the water from causing the clay to expand. This is key for Kansas City homeowners. You have to take steps to move water away from your house.

We have worked with homeowners who aren’t aware of what to do. They don’t understand the potential damages caused by the mix of clay and water. The fact is that these damages can occur regardless of the type of foundation you have. When clay and water are exposed to one another, the damage can be serious and long-term.

Preventing Water Damage

You can take several steps to prevent water damage to your home, basement, and foundation. Some of the elements you need to check or invest in can be found below.

The Gutters

A good place to start when trying to prevent water damage is with the gutters. Do you even have gutters? If not, now is a good time to have them installed.

Along with the gutters, you need to check the slope off your house. Will the water be able to easily move into the gutters and downspouts to be carried away? If the water is sitting near your home’s foundation, it will keep the clay expanded for longer periods of time. When this happens, more serious damages can occur.

The Grading

Another important consideration is the grading leading away from your house. Is there negative grading coming toward your house? If so, it means the water is moving back toward the foundation. Changing the grading around your home may be an investment, but it is one worth making to prevent serious damage.

Inside Your House

You should have prevention techniques inside your home. This will ensure protections are in place if water comes through the floor or walls or if the groundwater levels begin to rise. One of the best ways to prevent this type of water damage is with a sump pump.

Having a quality sump pump installed in your basement will collect the rising water and move it out of and away from your home.

Watering Your Foundation

While too much water is an issue for your foundation, so are situations when there isn’t enough water. If this happens, you may hear someone say they have to water their foundation. Many homeowners call us asking how much they should water this area.

There is no set amount. The cracks will let you know how much water is needed. Continue watering for several days until the cracks are closed. At this point, the issue will be resolved.

Prevention is key when it comes to water damage and your home. You can call us for a full assessment if needed.

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