Can Basement Waterproofing Increase My Home’s Value?

Can Basement Waterproofing Increase My Home’s Value

Basement waterproofing can increase your home’s value. Because basements are a part of a property often overlooked, many homeowners are unaware of how much waterproofing the basement can help.

Although fairly typical in most Kansas City-area homes, basements aren’t in every house, which makes them desirable for many buyers. If you should put your house on the market, a basement that’s ready for all kinds of use will look attractive.

Read on to learn more about what having your basement waterproofed can do for your property’s value. Although you may have considered some of these reasons, others may be new to you and worthy of your consideration.

Getting a Better Return on Your Investment

Buying a home is an investment likely to result in a return when you eventually sell. The better you care for your home, the better the ultimate return on your investment. One of the biggest advantages that come with having your basement waterproofed is avoiding expensive repairs.

Taking this step helps protect your entire home, not just the basement level. If the foundation in your basement ever becomes unstable, this may impact the stability of the rest of your structure. Everything in your home and your family’s safety is on the line, so taking steps to waterproof your cellar area is a wise choice.

Basement Waterproofing Makes Your Home More Inhabitable

Because basement waterproofing helps prevent cracks, mold, and mildew, your basement area will be more pleasant for you to spend time in. This level of your home can be a nice place to spend time, instead of a musty-smelling place to avoid. With good waterproofing, you can easily have a rec room or guest suite without worrying about damage.

Another advantage of waterproofing is helping you seal out hot or cold air that can come in through cracks. When there is energy loss because of cracks, your HVAC system has to work much harder to do its job. Energy-efficient homes are much nicer to inhabit, and also have a higher value in the eyes of many buyers.

More Space to Work Within Your Home

Although many many use their basement for storage and laundry, there are more possibilities to consider when this level of your home has been waterproofed. Since laundry rooms and HVAC systems take up a relatively small area, this is almost an entire floor with possibilities. Guest suites and rec rooms are ideal at this level in a home.

Having your basement waterproof also makes this area perfect for a media room or home theater where family members can enjoy gaming and movies without disturbing anyone. A finished, waterproofed basement also has possibilities as a home office area. Prospective buyers will value a home that offers more possibility for how they use their space over almost anything else.

Basement Waterproofing Makes Strong Foundations

Protecting your home’s foundation against water damage helps contribute to your home’s value overall. One of the biggest benefits is keeping your home free from mold or mildew that could escape from your basement to the rest of the house. Homes with cleaner air are healthier homes, which is always a major plus.

The stronger your house’s foundation, the longer your home will last. Of all the benefits that come with waterproofing, this is perhaps the most significant and worth mentioning the most. Prospective buyers will see a house with a stronger foundation as being more valuable, which always helps regardless of current market conditions.

KC Piering offers all the services that you need for a strong home foundation, including basement waterproofing, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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