Can You Repair Foundation Cracks Yourself?

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Is it ever okay to take a “DIY” approach when you need to repair foundation cracks?

There are a few times when you can follow a video tutorial and tackle wall cracks yourself. We advise caution, though, if you have no prior experience, lack the tools and epoxy, or aren’t sure what’s causing the cracks.

You can always call us or send pictures of the problem, if you’d like a second opinion. Here’s a quick guide on whether to approach foundation crack repair on your own.

Can You Repair Foundation Cracks? Sometimes, Yes

We have a popular YouTube video, with over 50,000 views, which gives you a very nice step-by-step way to address foundation cracks with epoxy injection. Ever since that video, we get tons of questions from DIY enthusiasts who want to know additional techniques and ideas. So, yes, there are many ways a residential homeowner can tackle a few foundation cracks.

Just be careful about what you’re doing. Not every crack is the same, which is where it helps to have some professional knowledge on how, when, and where to do an injection. It’s easy to make mistakes and waste time misapplying epoxy into wall cracks.

When Should You NOT Try The Injection Method?

There are certain cracks you do not want to inject.

Those would include cracks in corners, cracks at the bottom of a cold joint, anything near where the wall meets the floor, cracks that are too narrow, and certain others. Ultimately, the purpose of epoxy crack injection is to address an outside problem from the inside of the home (affordably and without heavy renovation). Alas, this may be impossible sometimes for various reasons.

There are cracks where we have to pursue different solutions. If it runs diagonally, then those are the most amenable to injection. Otherwise, you may have difficulty handling vertical cracks, since these come from more serious problems (and require other interventions line foundation piering).

Also, we sometimes notice injection methods that fail because the homeowner did not professionally seal the crack. KC Pier may have to redo some of the work in those situations, but you’re still welcome to try. We encourage you to go after the minor cracks, assuming you possess the appropriate materials and enough knowledge to do the job right.

Common Foundation Problems (Plus, How to Fix Them)

Then, when we get into other foundation repair issues, we find that the DIY options are even more limited. Here are a few common foundation problems that you might experience at some point or another.

  • Settling: This is the big one that causes cracks, some of which are vertical and harder to fix. This happens because of soil expansion and contraction when the temperature shifts between hot and cold. Severe cases require pier installation.
  • Bowed Walls: Pressurized water can eventually cause your walls to bow and move out of position. We can re-stabilize them, however, with the help of vertical I-beams. It’s all about bracing, tightening, and straightening walls after the water’s loosened them.
  • Basement Water: It’s easy for water to invade your basement or crawl space if your gutters are facing the wrong way or don’t exit the runoff water far enough from your foundation. Then again, you could have a negative slope in your lawn, allowing water to cascade downhill into your basement. KC Pier can help you reroute gutters, re-grade your soil, and waterproof your basement.

KC Pier Can Repair Foundation Cracks Anytime

So, the fix-it-yourself method on foundation repair has a few minor opportunities, but there are many times where it’s better (and faster) to seek expert help. You’re always welcome to speak with us over the phone or text message for suggestions or insights.

When you find yourself with a more serious problem, we can perform a comprehensive inspection and pursue various solutions. If you’d like us to repair foundation cracks for you, then contact KC Pier anytime for fast and effective service.

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