Cracked Walls in Your Basement? When You Should Worry

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Are you noticing a cracked wall in your basement? Maybe you have noticed a few cracks. Not all cracks are cause for concern. Concrete is porous and will naturally crack due to weather and weight.

There can be different types of cracks, as well. These cracks can be of different sizes and move in various directions. But it is also important you keep an eye on larger cracks.

Cracked Walls in Your Basement

There are different types of cracks that will appear in your basement. Not all are serious but they do need to be noticed and monitored. The cracks will also vary depending on whether your foundation is a poured slab or built with individual cinder blocks.

Hairline Cracks

These types of cracks are small, thin cracks that often appear within a year or so of new foundation. They are formed when the concrete dries and the house settles. These may also be referred to as shrinkage cracks.

These are not a problem, as a rule. However, if you are concerned, you can call someone to fill them in. If the home and foundation are new, you may even be able to claim the cost on your warranty.

Diagonal Cracks

If your cracked walls have diagonal cracks, these cracks do not pose a great threat. They also are formed when the home is settling over time. These cracks are at an angle and shouldn’t be too long.

You can have them repaired or filled in. These are easy and inexpensive to fill, but they should be noted to make sure they don’t crack any further or get any bigger or deeper.

Stair Cracks

Cracked walls that look like stairs are what happens when you have block foundation. The cracks will appear around the mortar around the blocks, giving it a stair-like appearance.

These are formed due to a moisture problem, settling, or if the foundation has sunk more on one side. These are more serious and need to be looked at by a professional.

Horizontal Cracks

If your cracked walls are going horizontally, then these are cause for worry. These are caused by an imbalance in the soil and water. This means there is pressure on your foundation, and it needs to be addressed.

They can form when the foundation sinks on one side, when the moisture in the soil freezes and then thaws, and when there is pressure from excess water that has nowhere to escape.

These cracks can be fixed but they need to be fixed by a professional. They will make the repairs and give you a warranty that you can even transfer when or if you sell the home.

Cracked Walls in Your Basement

While cracks are normal with concrete, once you notice them, you should examine them. Look for any moisture or deeper damage to the cracks. If you are concerned, it’s always a good idea to have them inspected.

Large structural cracks are very serious. Horizontal cracks and cracks that are more than a ¼ wide need to be looked at right away. If left, they can get much bigger and cause much more serious damage to your foundation.

If you are worried about cracked walls in your basement or just want to make sure everything is as it should be, call us here at KC Pier for more information. We have a team of expert in-house Kansas City basement waterproofing and foundation experts that are here to help you identify and solve your issues with warrantied products and services.

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