Crawl Space Support and Beam in South KC!

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So today, we’re in South Kansas City, and what we’re doing today is a little unique, but that’s also what makes us different as a company. What we did was, we put four DynaPier down the main beam in this crawl space because it was sagging about two and a half inches. The homeowner had an engineer come in and recommend lifting it, so we gave him a couple options of installing footings and adjustable posts or putting in DynaPier. Well, we recommended DynaPier because the price wasn’t too much difference and you get a lot longer warranty and you get a better product. So we came in, we put four piers in, and we lifted about two inches. We didn’t want to lift too much because there’s a bunch of tile upstairs and doors that were starting to get stuck. So we got it to a place that was fully secure. Over here is a unique situation that we have the ability to look at right now.

And what it is, is you have our I-beam going in right next to a previous I-beam. The I-beam itself is exact same structure. What’s different from us and other companies is up top how we secure it. What you have here is, this company came in and put two-by-sixes and ran a piece of two-inch angle with some small bolts in it to hold this. This is not sufficient for what it is. You could tell where it started to move, where it’s pushing away. There’s just nothing structurally sound up here to hold it where it is.

And then when you come and look at ours right next to it is we have a piece of five-inch angle that’s coming back three and it’s lagged in with three inch lags. What’s difference here as well as, as you see down there, go ahead. As you see down there, is we’re shimming it in, so the bottom is just as secure as the top. So as he’s shimming it in here, it’s pushing the beam secure against the wall, tightening up top lag, and also securing it and causing the slab itself, to hold the beam and that’s what secures this in place, which holds 10 times better than this one.

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