Footings and I Beams in South Kansas City

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How’s it going, everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. And today, we’re actually out in South Kansas City, going to be looking at a foundation job that we’re doing out here and installing footings. And lucky for us, we got our Director of Operations, Brian Dufour, here on site today. And he’s going to tell us exactly what we’re doing. So let’s jump into this guys.

Lucas Scheele:

How’s it going today, Brian?

Brian Dufour:

So far so good.

Lucas Scheele:

Where are we at today?

Footings & I Beam Installation

Brian Dufour:

Today, we are in Kansas City, South Kansas City. What we’re doing here is we’re in a house, it’s about 120 years old, and the main support beams have just given out. They’ve had to patch them together over the years. So what we’re doing is we’re adding three-foot footings around the perimeter. And then we’re going to lift this structure, take out the wood beams, and we’re going to put in a steel beam all the way across. And then level out the house to what we can, the best fits the perimeter foundations.

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