Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

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A question many homeowners ask, especially when faced with potential foundation issues, is: Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair? The answer, unfortunately, is typically no. Foundation repairs can be expensive, and it would certainly be a relief for homeowners if their insurance policies covered such costs. However, most insurance policies explicitly exclude this kind of repair. But there’s hope, and that hope comes in the form of KC Pier’s unique approach to foundation repairs.

KC Pier’s Approach to Repairs

At KC Pier, we understand the burdensome cost of foundation repairs. This is why we provide homeowners with multiple solutions, which we often refer to as the ABCs of repair options. Unlike some other companies that may try to push the most expensive repair solutions due to their internal commission structures or corporate setups, KC Pier offers a refreshing change.

Being a locally owned company with local crews, KC Pier does not pay its sales teams hefty commissions. Instead, our sales representatives are salaried, allowing them to genuinely understand homeowners and their unique situations without the pressure of chasing big ticket sales.

Options and Flexibility at KC Pier

A standout feature of KC Pier is the flexibility and range of options provided to homeowners. From the “home run” solutions that come with a lifetime warranty (ensuring that you will never have to think about that foundation issue again) to more budget-friendly alternatives, homeowners have the power of choice.

Another noteworthy point is the quality of our repairs and the warranty that comes with it. If you decide to move, the warranty stays with the house without the need for transfers. Our confidence in the longevity of our solutions stems from the high-grade materials we use and the unparalleled expertise of our crew.

Warranty and Quality of Repairs

Quality is at the forefront of what we offer. When we commit to a lifetime warranty, we do so with complete confidence in our workmanship. This assurance comes from our extensive experience, the top-of-the-line materials we use, and our crews that undergo rigorous annual training. Rarely do we need to revisit a home for further repairs, reinforcing our commitment to long-lasting solutions.

Phased Repairs and Seasonal Changes

Recognizing the financial constraints some homeowners may face, KC Pier offers phased repair solutions. Suppose a repair costs a considerable sum, say $30,000 or $40,000, which a homeowner cannot afford all at once. In such cases, we have the flexibility to break the repair down into manageable phases, for instance, three $10,000 phases, each taking place in different seasons. Despite this phased approach, the warranty remains intact, ensuring homeowners get the same quality assurance as they would with a one-time repair.

Working with Homeowners and Realtors

Our adaptability is not just limited to homeowners. In the realtor world, when contracts are being negotiated, having the kind of options KC Pier provides proves invaluable. Whether it’s a buyer stepping into a new house or a seller trying to put their best foot forward, the flexibility we offer ensures all parties involved can make well-informed decisions regarding foundation repairs.


While it’s disappointing for many that homeowners insurance doesn’t cover foundation repair, companies like KC Pier step in to offer multiple solutions, ensuring homeowners are not left in the lurch. Our approach is built on flexibility, quality, and a genuine understanding of homeowner needs. So, if you’re facing foundation issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert guidance.

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