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How’s it going, everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. And today, we’re actually out in Kansas City, Kansas and we’re going to be looking at some egress windows offered by KC Pier. And lucky for us, we got the president of KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys, Eric Scheele here with us and he’s going to give us the lowdown. So let’s check it out.

Eric Scheele:

Hi, my name’s Eric Scheele. I’m the president of KC Pier and KC Property Guys. And today, we’re out in Kansas City, Kansas and we’re reviewing some of the final touches of this duplex that we’ve recently rehabbed. And we’re also going to focus on today, this egress window that was installed and serviced by the KC Pier Guys. And so we have the KC Pier Guys out within the last four weeks and put this egress window in. And this is a basement that we’re in and obviously, the egress window is there for two reasons. One, for safety. So it provides a fire escape for this bedroom that we’ve installed the egress window in. And it’s also there to add a lot of natural light.

Eric Scheele:

And so we’re going to talk about some of those features from the interior and from the exterior of the home of this particular egress window, and this is a service that we provide, like I said, by the KC Pier Guys. The foundation wall has to be cut and that’s what you can see on the sidewalls and the bottom wall that we’ve actually cut into this foundation piece to add the egress window in. And so that has to be supported to be able to allow the egress window. And then also the window will slide from left to right, or right to left for the natural light and the obviously safety features of it. Now we’re going to pop to the outside and show you some of the drainage and some features of the window well that come with the egress windows also.

Eric Scheele:

So as we look at the egress window from the outside, you can see that it’s kind of easy be able to slide to the left or the right, remove the screen and have your safety escape in case of a fire. If you look at the external features of the egress window, you can see at least with KC Pier, we add foundation drainage, we use half inch AB3 for the drain and water to go. We also added a drain and we can tie that in to the foundation drain, that should be at the footer of your foundation. Each of our egress windows comes with a six or an eight foot window well and an escape ladder also.

Eric Scheele:

They have optional window covers, and together this makes a really nice package to add not only the natural light, but also add the safety features for anybody finishing a basement. And then of course, you get the return and value because you’ve added a bedroom, an additional bedroom to your home. So if this is something that you guys want to consider, I highly recommend you guys just go onto our website at kcpier.com, fill out the form. And if you have any questions, add your questions on the form. We’ll give you a call. We’ll send out one of our structural consultants and we can take a look at adding this project for you.

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