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Hey. This is John with KC Pier, and today I’m in Kansas City, Missouri, in the Brookside neighborhood. We’re doing work on a 40- foot interior drain on a rock foundation that’s had issues with water coming in, in the past with nowhere to go. Now, the backstory in this house is it’s actually a referral, and referral was for the house that we worked on right over here. Now, we had done a rock foundation support on a porch right over there, which I’ll link in the video here. They were so happy with the work that we did, that they referred us to their neighbor. And so now, their neighbor called us out and ultimately hired us to complete a project for them.

Brookside Kansas City Foundation Repair

So today we’re out doing work on a stone foundation. The homeowner was having some leaking come in on two different walls that she had there in the basement and so what we’re doing is installing a Interior Grate Drain System. We have about 40-feet of that system that’s going to go in and that’s all going to run towards our Dual Sump Pump System with a battery backup. What that will do is, it’ll keep the basement from flooding in those areas, collect the water, and will pump it out away from the house.

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So, if you have a problem with your foundation or you know someone who has a problem with theirs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or look us up on our website and fill out our form. We’d love to hear from you, we’d love to take care of you and we’ll see you next time.

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