Hot Summer Weather Can Damage Foundations in Kansas City

Hot Summer Weather Can Damage Foundations

It is important to learn how hot summer weather can damage foundations in Kansas, including Kansas City and surrounding areas. Watering foundations, especially concrete slab foundations, is important. If you don’t, you may require foundation repair service if cracks become 1/4″ or larger and cause issues. Don’t let heat make you soil get too dry.


For one thing, it causes your soil to shrink and you’ll need to stop foundation repair problems. That’s how issues start and damage occurs in slabs and pier and beam foundations. You’ll learn that watering is important because heat causes foundation trouble that must be repaired if you don’t act quickly. When it’s hot, especially if it’s in the 90’s or reaches 100 degrees, the soil around your slab or pier and beam foundation shrinks and moves. That’s how damage occurs in your foundation when it’s warm outside. If you have issues with your foundation in the summer, watering it helps. During hot seasons, keep your foundation at a relatively constant moisture level by watering it regularly, especially if your foundation is a concrete slab. You can help prevent foundation damage during Summer by using a soaker hose and placing it about 18-22″ from your foundation. It’s a good way to stop problems that would require foundation repair, especially on concrete slabs. The water will be absorbed into the soil around your foundation and help preventing cracking. Another way how hot Kansas weather can damage foundations is this: It can make your foundation crack. If it’s extremely warm and dry and temperatures reach the 90-95 degrees and above, it’s beneficial to moisten your foundation with water and the yard around on it on a regular basis. To avoid issues and deterioration that will require repairing your foundation, don’t allow the soil in your yard to get very dry. By simply utilizing a soaker hose, you can help stop foundation cracks. Learn how watering helps and how to do it.

Another way how hot weather affects foundations and causes deterioration is by causing foundations to sink. Because temperatures exceed 104 degrees in Kansas City during the summer, damage, cracking and sinking commonly occurs in concrete slab foundations. Hot weather is harmful. Watering helps prevent fissures and end issues during this season. (In the winter when it’s cold and 20-40 degrees, moisture can actually cause problems.) To minimize destruction and foundation fractures, just install a soaker hose around the perimeter of your home’s foundation and turn in on for a short period of time (15-20 minutes) on a daily basis. Apply moisture when the temperature is hot will prevent your foundation from drying, out, shrinking and becoming severely damaged. This means problems associated with slab foundation repair are greatly reduced. Of course, if the Kansas City area is in a period of severe drought, it’s imperative that you increase the amount of water as needed to ensure that the ground around your foundation doesn’t get dry and cause slab foundation issues. Ending them is important.

Some homeowners don’t water their yards in the summer because they’re attempting to save money. The fact is that watering when temperatures are high can actually save you $2,500 to $10,000 on the cost of foundation repairs if you stop problems. Seasonal conditions made a big difference in your foundation. It pays to be proactive and prevent pier and beam or concrete slab foundation damage from occurring, no matter how hot the Kansas City summer weather is. Take steps to minimize the need to repair foundations and stop problems like cracks by watering, especially during warm seasons. There are many ways how deterioration can develop in your foundation and it’s important to end these types of issues. In winter, other problems can develop.


It halts deterioration and problems in the summertime in the Kansas City areas by reducing the amount of shrinkage in your soil. Exceptionally warm temperatures in the Kansas City Metro cause the clay soils in the area to contract. Then, when it rains in Spring or Winter, these soils expand. This back and forth motion causes cracks around concrete slabs or pier and beam foundations and results in lots of damage. Watering minimizes foundation movement and decreases the amount of destruction that occurs in your foundation. Hot weather is the reason concrete slab foundation repair service is needed to stop damaging conditions in the summer months. Learning how to end foundation issues is essential. So is fixing the foundation on your slab or pier and beam foundation. And remember, indications of damage include foundation settling or sinking, floors that aren’t level, cracks around door frames, and, of course, visible cracks in your foundation. Sometimes these foundation problems aren’t severe and you may not need to make repairs on your slab foundation cracks right away. It’s important to check your foundation to see if any destruction is occurring and whether cracking has become an issue.

If you live in Kansas and want to learn more about how hot summer weather in the Kansas City area can damage foundations, contact KC Pier. Watering helps so be sure and do it around your concrete slab or pier and beam structure. Give KC Pier a call or schedule a free foundation repair estimate online today. We’ll stop by and evaluate your foundation for crack issues and other forms of destruction.


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