If a House Requires Foundation Piers, How Are They Installed?

How Piers Are Installed If Needed

Do you know when your home requires foundation piers? You may have received an inspection report or be able to tell there is a problem just by looking at the structure; however, regardless of why you think piercing is necessary, it is important not to delay in calling for assistance.

The Purpose of Foundation Piers

Foundation piers are essentially segments that are installed under your foundation to help stabilize your home if it is settling, or lift it and resolve settling that has already occurred. Once in place, the piers provide ongoing support and stability for your home.

Types of Foundation Piers

You will find several types of foundation piers that can be used for the above issues.

Helical Piers

These are driven down, under your house, using large machinery.

Bracketed Piers

These work similar to an arm on a bracket. Their purpose is to hold your home’s foundation in place.

Concentrically Loaded Piers

At KC Pier, our preferred method of fixing foundation issues is concentrically loaded piers. After extensive research into what works and what lasts when we first established our company in 2016, we discovered that this is the best option for homes.

Our piers are designed to sit directly under the foundation footer. The term “concentrically loaded” means it is located at the center of the foundation. This type of pier is not driven at an angle or bracketed. Instead, it is installed at a 90-degree angle and perpendicular to the footer and foundation.

During installation, we drive the piers to the point of full resistance, which is when it reaches the bedrock. This is the point where your home will be stabilized and ensure no more settling occurs.

We can install concentrically loaded piers from inside or outside your home, depending on what needs to be done, if you have a walk-out or finished basement, and other variables. During our structural consultation, we can discuss the options we have.

We Offer Long-Term Peace of Mind

Our team records all the related, pertinent information about the pier and installation during the installation process. This includes how many feet the pier went down, what pressures were reached, and then keep this record at KC Pier. This record ensures that our team knows what was done and all the related details if any issues occur with the pier. We also offer a lifetime warranty with the piers. This warranty stays with the house, regardless of if you experience a problem or a buyer in the future.

We keep an electronic record of the pier – how many feet it went down, what pressures we reached, the whole record of the resolution will live with us at KC pier if you or someone who buys the home has a lifetime warranty – if an issue or concern arises, KC pier will know what has been done and everything about the piers you can feel secure that the products we have installed for a lifetime are a lifetime product, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty

The first step in the process is to contact us for a structural foundation. We can figure out what is going on during this meeting and let you know what repair options you have.

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