How Can I Prevent Drought Basement Wall Damage?

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Drought basement wall damage is a potentially devastating issue for your property’s foundation. There is an easy solution, but you have to understand the nature of the problem. We’ll show you how to diagnose issues with foundational gaps, and how you can simply add water to fix it.

How Do You Get Drought Basement Wall Damage?

If you inspect your basement and notice lots of hairline cracks along the baseline wall, you should monitor them during drought conditions. This is a big deal during late summers and early fall when it’s drier in Kansas City.

It’s imperative that you monitor the soil next to your foundation wall. If you see gaps next to the foundation wall, then you can tell there’s a problem with the soil, which has a tremendous impact on your support wall.

Soil is a lot like a sponge in the way it reacts to water. When it has retained water, the clays in the soil will expand. As soon as we experience a drought, the soil will contract, which leads it to draw away from the wall.

This weakens the foundation wall, and you’ll see cracks. Those gaps then allow the full weight of the structure, the rest of your house, will overwhelm your foundation wall. That’s where the real damage occurs, which will manifest in signs of settlement: cracks in the foundation wall and wall cracks on the first and second floors.

Other Symptoms of Drought Damage to Your Foundation

Also, expect to see cracks in door jams and windows if there’s drought damage. When doors and windows don’t shut without a struggle, you might have serious foundation damage. It can happen anytime, but you’re most vulnerable during drought conditions.

Is There a Way to Fix Drought Basement Wall Damage?

Yes, and it’s so simple as long as you comprehend the problem.

All you have to do is water your foundation. The simple application of water to the clays in the soil allows it to expand again and resume full support coverage. You can water your soil just once or twice a day and do it enough days until the gaps close all the way.

Too Much Water: Just as Bad for Your Home’s Foundation

We might as well mention a few things about the opposite dilemma: too much water. Those heavy spring rains can wreak havoc on your basement if you’re unprepared. In a sense, the excess of water has the same detrimental effect to the soil beneath your home as a drought.

Too much soil saturation from run-off water can shift weak soil deposits all over the place, leaving your foundation with insufficient support yet again. This can happen because of poorly positioned gutters among other problems. It’s one reason we answer a lot of service calls for waterproofing basements.

KC Pier Can Remedy Serious Foundation Problems

If you cannot resolve drought-related foundation problems by watering the area, then it’s time to contact a professional for further assistance. We’re regarded as one of the top foundation repair businesses in Kansas City because we price everything fairly, and our crews arrive on time. Plus, you won’t have to call someone else to fix our mistakes.

In the rare event that we commit an error, we respond promptly and honor all warranty conditions. You can see how well we resolve foundation problems by reading some of the positive testimonials from previous clients. On Google Reviews, we maintain an outstanding 4.9/5.0 star rating.

If you have other questions about preventing drought basement wall damage, then contact KC Pier today for further assistance.

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