Spring Rains: Is Your Kansas City Basement Ready?

kansas city basement waterproofing

Spring is here, which means you need to make sure your Kansas City basement is ready for heavy rainfall and groundwater deposits. Lots of Kansas City homes are constructed atop primarily clay soil, which sometimes absorbs excess water. Left unchecked, this could cause problems with your foundation or your basement.

Here’s how you can waterproof your Kansas City basement for the spring and avoid expensive flood damage repairs!

Clean the Gutters

Firstly, be sure to clean the gutters of your house. You should get in the habit of regularly cleaning the gutters around your home during spring. That’s because high levels of rain can pile up in the gutters and fall to the ground around your house’s basement or foundations if they’re blocked by leaves, animal nests, and other debris.

Make sure your gutters can do their job well by cleaning them of blockage from time to time. You should also do this in winter to prevent ice damming, which can weigh down your gutters and cause damage to them over several weeks.

Is Your Kansas City Basement Ready: Check/Replace the Sump Pump

Next, check the submersible pump or sump pump in your basement. This crucial device prevents water that pools at the lowest point in your house (i.e. your basement) from collecting. Instead, it draws the water into its pump system, then pushes it away to the newest retention pond, sewer, or another receptacle.

It’s a good idea to test your sump pump ahead of the first major rainstorm of spring. That way, you can get your sump pump replaced if necessary.

Seal Any Cracks

It’s also wise to seal up any cracks in your basement walls or ceilings. Take a walk around the basement and use a caulking gun or cement to fill up any cracks, which can allow humidity or other moisture into the basement over time. Take special care to check the ceiling for leaks, especially if parts of your basement’s ceiling are not covered by other floors of your house.

Similarly, take a look at the windows or other entrances to the basement. If your windows aren’t properly sealed, rainwater can easily get into the basement and start to pool or collect over time. If needed, install new egress windows to seal up your basement ahead of rainstorms.

Is Your Kansas City Basement Ready: Build Up Weakened Soil Deposits

Over time, it’s common for soil deposits around your home’s foundation to erode or degrade. To prevent water from flooding your basement or causing foundation damage, the soil has to be sloped away from your house.

Take a walk around your property and, if you find weakened soil deposits, pile new soil on top to build the area back up to its former strength. Make sure the soil slopes away from your house for the best effect!

Install Laminate Plank Boards

Lastly, it might be worthwhile to install laminate plank boards at the bottom of your basement. Waterproof laminate planks don’t warp or bend even if they are exposed to a lot of water. Therefore, even if your basement floods or gets wet, the planks won’t be damaged and you can clean up the area much more easily.

This tip doesn’t necessarily prevent your basement from flooding or being damaged, but it could save you a lot of money and repair time in the event of a flood disaster.

Is Your Kansas City Basement Ready: Wrap Up

As you can see, there are lots of ways to prep your basement for rain. With the right setup and preparation, you’ll avoid major flooding or water damage and be able to enjoy your basement for years to come. Contact KC Pier today for more assistance protecting your Kansas City basement!

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