How Do I Choose the Right Drainage System for My Home?

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Water is essential yet can be a threat to our homes if not properly managed. At KC Pier, we emphasize the importance of water management in every home assessment, recognizing that both scarcity and excess of water can cause structural problems. We focus on helping homeowners understand these risks and offer expert advice on How to choose the right drainage system for your home, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your property.

Understanding the Role of Structural Consultants at KC Pier

With decades of experience under our belt, our consultants, local to Kansas City, have an intimate understanding of its foundations and structures. Instead of focusing solely on the evident problem, we look at homes holistically, emphasizing the effective management of water.

The Importance of Drainage Systems

An essential part of managing water effectively is ensuring a reliable drainage system. But how do we determine the adequacy of such systems?

Exterior Checks:

  1. Gutters: The initial step in water management starts from the roof. Check if your gutters are clear of debris and ensure they channel water away from the foundation.
  2. Slope and Landscape: Examine the terrain surrounding your home. Is the soil or flower beds sloped away from your foundation? This natural gradient is beneficial in directing water away from your home.

Choose the Right Drainage System

Based on the location and the way water infiltrates your home, we provide a range of solutions.

Interior Drain Systems: Inside the Home Protection

For water intrusion within the home, interior drain systems are the answer. These are designed to be installed in the concrete adjacent to your foundation walls. If you have a stone foundation, worry not! Our team at KC Pier has specialized techniques to incorporate interior drain systems seamlessly, ensuring the water is channeled to a sump pump and discharged away from the home effectively.

Drainage Solutions for Driveways and Garages

Flooding in driveways and garages can be a significant concern for many homeowners. To counteract this, KC Pier offers innovative systems that can be embedded within the driveway. These systems capture and divert water before it reaches your garage, protecting your valuable assets and property.


Selecting the right drainage system for your home depends on various factors such as where the water enters, how it infiltrates, and the existing external conditions. At KC Pier, our objective is not just to provide a temporary fix but to ensure that homeowners have long-term solutions. We guide homeowners through different methodologies and repairs that enhance water management. This way, homeowners can rest easy, knowing that they’ve partnered with a trusted company to safeguard their home’s structural integrity and foundation for a lifetime.

For personalized solutions tailored to your home’s specific needs, please contact us. Let’s work together to ensure your home stands strong for years to come.

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