What are the Benefits of Drainage System Installation?

benefits of drainage system installation

There are many benefits of drainage system installation. As a means of keeping water from pooling around your foundation, your drainage system plays a very important role.

Although important for managing water around your home in general, there are also specific benefits to drainage systems. Read on to learn more about the benefits of new or upgraded drainage systems.

Reducing Sidewalk, Lawn, and Soil Damage

One of the most unwanted effects of water building up is having your sidewalk or walkway areas lifting and cracking. Another effect that you might notice is your soil or lawn shifting, with some of your soil ending up out in the street.

Water that cannot naturally drain away from an area will start to build up. If water isn’t draining out of an area, this is a likely sign that there is something wrong with your drainage system requiring attention. You don’t want to let things go if you’re noticing soil loss.

Preventing Water from Pooling is One of the Benefits of Drainage System Installation

One of the most important benefits of drainage system installation is keeping water from pooling around your foundation or in your lawn and garden. Although it is typical for water to start pooling after a rainstorm, what is not normal is for the water to remain after the rainy weather ends.

In many cases, pooling water can be the result of a problem with the drainage system, like a defective or damaged pipe. If left unchecked, you might end up having foundation issues that would have been prevented with proper drainage.

Keeping Your Gutters Flowing Smoothly

Your gutters are an important part of your drainage system that directs rainwater off your roof and away from the house. However, when your gutters don’t function as they ought to, water will end up pooling around your foundation or in your yard.

Full gutters or gutters that require replacement could be the cause, either way. Watch to see if the gutters have pulled from the roof, are rusted, old, or broken; you may need to think about having work done to fix this part of your drainage system.

Benefits of Drainage System Installation: Flood Prevention

Finding water in vulnerable parts of your home after a rainstorm isn’t unusual in and of itself. However, if your basement is getting flooded, there might be a serious problem with your drainage system that you need to address.

Although many associate flooding with basement areas, attic areas may also flood. If you see a lot of puddles or wet spots in your attic, you could have problems with backed-up gutters.

Keeping Your Basement Dry

One of the strongest signs of moisture in your basement is excessive condensation or damp spots. The location of the moisture could serve as an indicator of how severe your problem is, too.

Regardless of the circumstances, though, water in your basement always requires attention. Either there is water leaking in from some location above, or too much water has accumulated near your foundation. Having your foundation and your drainage checked for signs of trouble is a good idea.

Acting quicker is always better when it comes to problems with your drainage. Water is capable of causing a lot of damage in a shorter period than many other factors. If water persists through freezing and thawing periods, your issues could go from bad to worse very quickly.

Contacting KC Pier can be one of the best ways to see if your drains require any attention. The benefits of drainage system installation are many, so you will want to see what we can do for you.

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