How Do I Fix My Bowing Foundation Walls?

Fix My Bowing Foundation Walls

There are several options available for repairing failing foundation walls, some more desirable than others. At KC Pier we approach all foundation issues as a final resolution option.  Meaning, we want to fix the problem permanently.   Our option is the total removal and replacement of the sediment pushing from the outside of your foundation wall.  With this solution, landscaping, decks are removed and all the soil surrounding the foundation is excavated down to the footing.  From here, we replace the existing soil with a 80% gravel and the remaining top 20% with soil for landscaping purposes.  This allows water to drain past your foundation vs getting absorbed by the clay that was in the soil previously and expanding against your foundation wall.  This pressure with the gravel is now relieved.  Not only is this solution disruptive and expensive, but the problem is likely to occur again and again if the original cause is not addressed.

Fix My Bowing Foundation Walls


The second step for repair is the installation of steel I beam columns. The steel beams are dug in and concreted to the concrete floor at the bottom and bolted and supported across the floor joists at the top. Forces pushing on the wall are therefore transferred through the steel beam and to the floor joists.

Although failing foundation walls can be scary and intimidating to home sellers and buyers, the solution can be installed within days and will permanently resolve your bowing walls. Click here to get a free estimate.

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