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KC Pier Foundation Experts

Realtors have a tough job to do. Not every home is perfect, so they also have to know and answer questions about possible improvements that need to be made.  Succeeding as much on their reputation as on their selling skills, they have to sell homes and commercial buildings that actually benefit their clients. That’s why realtors rely on KC Pier Foundation Experts.

House and Real Estate Guru’s

When showing a house to their clients, realtors are expected to be experts on everything about the house, from the top of the home and its roof down to the infrastructure itself sitting on its foundation. Especially first time homeowners will have plenty of questions about everything, wanting to make sure they get a home for all of their needs. If they don’t receive information they are seeking about the home, they may think about switching to what is perceived as a more knowledgeable realtor.

Some realtors may assume that they can get through answering questions by faking knowledge, but that assumes homeowners know little to nothing about these issues to begin with. Establishing a relationship with a foundation repair company ensures that realtors can be confident in giving satisfactory and true answers to their clients’ inquiries.

Reliability, Comfort and Credibility

Increased expertise also builds up a realtor’s credibility and with credibility, comes reliability and comfort to the prospective buyer or seller. Realtors rely as much on their reputation as on their selling skills for long-term success counting on that future referral or repeat home buyer or seller with the time comes in the future. They acquire a large number of clients via word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations which only come when past clients are happy with their experience from the previous transaction.

That means not only being truthful about certain properties as mentioned above, it also means knowing these properties before showing them to clients. Many real estate agents do a preliminary walk-through to accomplish just that, and those with a relationship to foundation repair companies can detect issues with the foundation or slab before deciding whether to show the property to their clients.  The client will most assuredly be unhappy with the property and the price paid, and place blame on their agent. To ensure credibility, realtors do well to work with foundation repair companies.

Support and Information After the Purchase

These relationships also come in handy if the worst-case scenario happens, a foundation issue surfaces and the client needs help. Real estate agents can then point their clients to the perfect company to fix the problem, becoming helpful rather than unreliable. Most real estate offices and many agents keep a short list of there go to maintenance and contractor companies.  Most of these lists will include a foundation repair business on that list, which for Kansas City is absolutely crucial.

Fast Responses on Short Demand Timelines

At KC Pier, we understand the demands and needs of the Kansas City Realtor when contracts or resolutions involve foundation related repair items.  The majority of these items are commonly focused around i-beam supports, sump pump installations or crack injections, but there are also times with more serious repairs are required to resolve house settling with piers and internal or external wall excavation.  Regardless of the issue, KC Pier offers are dedicated sales consultant and remediation team specifically for our Kansas City Realtors to ensure contracts continues and closing happen!

The Realtors Friend – The KC Pier App

Realtors now have answers at the tips of your fingers with the KC Pier Foundation Repair App.  With simply a few photos at the the click of a button, you can have your foundation related issues and answers within minutes.  The KC Pier App allows Realtors to submit your foundation issues for assessment, set up estimates and book appointments with ease.  Overall, the app provides Realtors answers which help buyers and sellers feel confident they are dealing with a true Real Estate Expert in times of foundation evaluation and assessment.

Download – Search KC Pier Foundation Experts on ITunes or Google Play to download you version the KC Pier App.

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