How Long Does Foundation Piering Last?

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What is the expected lifespan for a foundation piering project?

This is one of the more extensive jobs we perform, but it’s also well worth it if your home suffers from severe settlement issues. All the work we do comes with dependable warranty coverage, and piering tops the list of our most effective ways to re-stabilize a home.

Foundation Piering with KC Pier – Lifetime Guarantee

The good news is that when you work with KC Pier, foundation piers should last a lifetime. That’s something you rarely get with other home renovation tasks.

Throughout the foundation repair business, there are a few ways to approach pier installation, some of them more reliable than others. Depending on the materials (steel, concrete, helical, etc.), the life expectancy will vary substantially.

However, the only ways we do it are with concentrically loaded push piers or engineered helical piers. Both solutions last a lifetime and our warranty terms reflect this. Foundation pier installation carries a full lifetime warranty, which remains in place even if you sell the home. That’s a nice selling piece if you’re considering placing your home on the real-estate market and want to impress potential buyers.

KC Pier might differ from other companies on this, but we’re confident that our work is the most durable. Our repair efforts actually take care of the problem rather than apply band-aid solutions.

What if a Home Needs Additional Work?

What do we do if a customer calls us back for further assistance?

We may occasionally get a call back from a homeowner after a pier installation, but it’s often because a different part of the house had the same problem (settlement). Sometimes, we discover that there’s simply more work required. A pier installation job doesn’t always involve the entire home foundation, so sometimes we address areas one section at a time.

If we can solve problems with a smaller fix, perhaps with only four helical piers rather than seven, then we’ll pursue the most cost-effective approach. Then, if we discover that the foundation needs additional support, we can make adjustments.

KC Pier pays particular attention to all the specific adjustments we make throughout the process. Our guys know how to track all the important installation variables such as:

  • How deep did we install each pier?
  • How much pressure did it require?
  • What do our digital recordings show happened with the pier(s)?

Experience shows that when you take this meticulous approach, the chances of success are quite high. That allows us to satisfy our clients, secure their homes, and confidently offer generous warranty coverage.

Benefits of Foundation Piering

What are some other benefits to foundation pier installation?

  • It’s an economical way to fix problems that could get much worse (and significantly more expensive) if left unchecked.
  • Modern pier installation involves far less excavation and intrusion than it did in the past. This means KC Pier can handle everything with a minimal amount of disruption.
  • Minor adjustments aside, once you do something like this, you resolve the problem permanently, and don’t have to worry about it ever again.
  • It’s also helpful for preventing other subsequent problems besides settlement and cracks. By re-stabilizing your home foundation, it gives you a much better chance of avoiding floor heaves, water intrusion, and other long-term hassles.

Partner with KC Pier for the Most Reliable Foundation Repair

Since every house is different, we can’t tell whether you would benefit from foundation piers until we’ve done an inspection. Therefore, if you suspect any trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. It costs nothing to have one of our trained technicians look over things and offer suggestions.

KC Pier is Kansas City’s most effective foundation repair contractor for installing helical piers, waterproofing crawl spaces and basements, or remedying wall cracks. You can learn more about us by checking the testimonials of our previous clients. There you’ll find a solid approval rating among homeowners we’ve helped in KC, Olathe, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, and elsewhere.

Contact us anytime for more information on the costs, timetables, and benefits of foundation piering in Kansas City.

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