Pushing Back a Leaning Foundation Wall in Leawood, Kansas!

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Hello, this is John Linquist with KC Pier and today I’m out in Leawood, Kansas, where we’re going to be seeing a wall push back on a leaning foundation wall and an exterior drain and some waterproofing, a little bit of everything, honestly. So let’s go over and see how the guys are doing. The project that we’re discussing, it’s a one-day job wall push back, which is very rare in our industry, but the wall wasn’t very big. It was about 17 foot. What the homeowner did was he went with the full repair plan. This is his forever home, and he decided he wanted to do it one time and one time only. What we did was we came in, we laid everything down to protect the grass. We started the estivation process. This particular one was, the soil itself was pretty hard, but there was also a bunch of bushes and trees in the way that kind of dried out the soil during the drought period that we’re in at the moment. When you go downstairs, the wall was actually finished.

Wall Push Back

So the homeowner or us, as a company, didn’t know what we were actually going to look and see when we opened it up. As we got into it, we found mold and we found huge cracks on the wall that also indicated that the wall moved in just far enough where we had to excavate and pull it back. So during that process, once we got everything excavated, we cleaned off the wall. We membraned everything. We got it completely waterproof from the exterior and then we went downstairs. We cleaned off all the wall and then we pushed the wall. The wall actually moved very easily. Once we got it, we pushed it about three inches. We got it back to where it needs to be. And then what we did was we stabilized the wall with the I-beam braces. So we put three of them on there. We spread them about five foot centers across the wall. And then we dug for the pump. Once we dug for the pump, we tunneled underneath the footing to reach the exterior.

Exterior Drain

So when we put the exterior drain in, we can tie it directly into the pump basin. That way, there’s nothing to stop the water and it’s a full flow all the way to the basin. Once we got that taken care of, we graveled it, installed the pump and then we put eight tons of gravel on the outside of the wall, which is about 75% backfill gravel. Once we got to that point, we leveled that out. We put the termination bar on the top of it to help reduce the chances of the membrane pulling off. And then we back-filled and got positive grade away from the home. We got all that done in about nine and a half, 10 hours from start to finish. We didn’t run into any issues during it. The job went really smooth. The pushback went really well. The installation process went really good. So during the process, we brought the homeowner down, went over everything, kind of discussed what was going on, told him that we didn’t run into anything. He seen the leaning foundation wall being pushed and everything, and he was completely happy with the project when it was done.

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