Reasons Why Kansas City Steel Pier Foundation Repair is Worth the Cost

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Foundation repair is never easy, but Kansas City steel pier foundation repair is almost always worth the cost. Compared to other types of foundation repair systems or installations, steel piers are better in both the short and long term for Kansas City homeowners.

Not sure whether steel piers are right for you? Read on to learn the benefits of this foundation repair solution.

Types of Steel Piers

All steel piers do the same job: they give your foundation a stable base. They may also re-elevate concrete beneath your home if it has settled or has become sloped at strange or uneven angles. Steel piers are very successful since they can support heavy structures, even including larger or multi-story homes.

Steel piers are usually constructed in two types:

  • Helical steel piers have steel pipes and use plates attached at either end. These look somewhat like screws, which allows contractors to screw them into the soil for easier installation
  • Push steel piers, which are hollow steel pipes driven into foundation soil using hydraulic rams or other tools. The piers are usually driven far beneath the standard depth of any loadbearing soil

KC Pier offers a unique spin on the steel pier system with DynaPiers. DynaPiers combine high-strength concrete and galvanized steel to create extremely strong foundational piers for all Kansas City homes.

But why should you use steel piers specifically? There are a couple of major benefits to keeping in mind.

Steel Pier Foundation Repair: Long-Term Foundational Stability

For starters, steel piers are extremely strong and will remain stable for quite a long time. Compared to other materials, steel piers can maintain the structural stability of homes of any type and in practically any soil environment.

In Kansas City and other areas, lots of soil conditions are clay-based. Clay soil is oftentimes problematic for home foundations because clay is very susceptible to expansion or contraction as it absorbs moisture.

With steel piers, you won’t have to worry about shifting clay soil impacting your home’s stability or resale value in the future. When steel piers are installed to support your house’s foundation, they will last for years and potentially even decades to come without any major problems.

Since steel piers aren’t made of concrete or other materials, they won’t absorb the water from heavy rainstorms or other drainage problems.

Potentially Lower Costs

On top of that, steel piers are oftentimes more affordable for homeowners. Modern heavy steel piers can be installed without having to dig or exhume tons of soil around your property. This cuts down on the time and labor required for a modern home foundation renovation or repair job.

In this way, steel pier foundation repair is worth the cost in the most practical sense; it truly is more affordable compared to other foundation repair methods for many homeowners.

Steel Pier Foundation Repair: Lifetime Warranty

Should you choose DynaPiers through KC Piers, you’ll get another benefit when your home’s foundation is restored: a lifetime warranty. Not all steel pier installations come with a lifetime warranty, which covers you from any manufacturer defects or future problems that arise because of initial installation mistakes.

All the parts of the foundation DynaPier system are connected to form a complete unit without any chance of slippage. If there ever is a problem with the DynaPier system, KC Pier will cover the cost to fix it at no charge to yourself. That’s our guarantee.

Ultimately, Kansas City steel pier foundation repair is worth the cost for these reasons and more, so contact KC Pier today for more information and a free evaluation!

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