Should I Consider Foundation Repair Financing for My Project?

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Foundation repair financing is an important consideration for many of our residential clients around Kansas City. We have a couple of ways to finance a foundation repair job, but we also take steps to limit the costs whenever it’s possible to pursue simpler solutions. Continue reading to learn more about how you can finance major projects like foundation piering with KC Pier.

Two Financing Methods at KC Pier

Since reliable foundation repair isn’t cheap, financing a project with KC Pier is always an option. We have two finance plans for most homeowners:

  1. Most of our customers take advantage of our 12-month, interest free plan. This lets you take, for example, a $10,000 project, and spread it out over the course of a year into installment payments. As long as you pay it off within 12 months, you won’t accrue interest.
  2. Then, we also have a 9.9% multi-year option, where you can spread it out over 5, 10, or even 15 years. This method will accrue interest over time, so it’s beneficial only if you know you cannot pay it within a year.

The financing element always depends on the needs of the customer. Unfortunately, you can’t run away from foundation issues, since they only get progressively worse.

Plus, it’s an expensive endeavor overall. These projects tend to be labor heavy, the materials are expensive, and most projects can last for several days. That’s why many Kansas City owners opt for flexible financing to help amortize the heavy costs of a big job.

Foundation Repair Financing – In Phases or All at Once

Of course, there are other ways to lessen the financial hardship of repair work. KC Pier tries to offer different approaches, including phased solutions. You could, for example, do part of a project in the spring, stop for a while, and then resume the rest of the project the following spring. This helps you maintain finances and manage your household budget without exposing the home to additional damages.

Sometimes, however, we recommend a full project because certain issues will become worse sooner rather than later. This is where financing is useful for covering expensive tasks like pier installation. We always emphasize with our clients the reality of these problems; how cracks won’t go away, so it’s better to fix them fast, through financing if necessary.

What Leads to an Expensive Repair Project?

There are a few different issues and foundation failures that can lead to a more expensive repair project. Many Kansas City homes suffer from foundation settlement, a gradual shifting or displacement of the soil, which can be a tough thing to address. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Drought conditions that dry out the soil, cause it to contract, and leave your foundation walls with much less natural support.
  • Expansive soil from excessive runoff water can be just as bad. This typically happens when gutters or other framework allow water to pool in certain areas, thus loosening the soil too much.
  • Sometimes new home builders use something called a “soil fill” to level the ground. This can cause problems later if that portion of the soil is too soft compared to everything around it.
  • Even leaky pipes and tree roots can wreak havoc on the soil and contribute to settlement.

Call KC Pier to Learn More About Foundation Repair Financing

So, we hope this gives you better guidance on financing for foundation projects. In a perfect world, we’d be able to solve every problem with a simple fix and only a small fee, but, alas, not every project is that simple. Nevertheless, KC Piere will do as much as humanly possible to help you handle the cost of foundation repair.

If you’d like to hear from some of our previous clients to find out how we’ve helped them find cost-effective solutions, then please check out a few testimonials and case studies. Our terrific repair crews arrive on time, do the job right the first time, and always clean up the mess before leaving.

You can learn more about foundation repair financing by contacting KC Pier anytime.

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