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Commercial Property foundation repair overland park

Today we’re in Overland Park. We’re on a commercial property project. What we’re doing is we’re doing some foundation piering under the crawl space area to recover the foundation that’s dropped. It’s dropped about three-quarters of an inch. As you can see behind us where everybody is excavating the individual holes that we’re going to put the pier in.

The good part about this is, yes, it’s a commercial. We don’t do very many of them, but we can do them. Secondly is, it’s a referral. We did a project for the office manager here. Right around eight months ago, we did some foundation work at her house, and she was so impressed with what we did that she recommended us to her work. They went online. They looked up our reviews and what other people had to say about us. The structural consultant went over everything. Everybody was happy with what it was, and that’s what got us out here today.

Commercial Property Foundation Repair Overland Park

On this particular commercial building, there’s not a whole lot of damage outside of what’s going on. They did a great job of catching it before it got worse. One of the signs that we were looking for is you’ll see up here where it’s two different colors of mortar. What happened was this started to tilt, and they wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just starting to settle or it was continuing, so what they did was they came in and patched it with some hydraulic cement. As you can tell, it started falling out, so that’s why they gave us a call because they wanted to catch it before it caused any more damage of the back end of the building so they didn’t waste any more money.

Then down here where the sidewalk meets the foundation, you could see where it started to come apart here where the caulking is as well. With that tilting forward, it just broke that off a little bit. It’s not a whole lot of damage like I said, but what they did was they were very prompt to catch it so it didn’t cause any more damage. As you can tell, there’s a bunch of snow on the ground. It’s about 19 to 20 degrees today. The one thing I wanted to bring up, and the homeowners are concerned about it, is foundation work can be done no matter how cold it is or how hot it is. The concrete and the soil itself, the soil was only hard about eight to 10 inches down is where the frost line usually ends. We can go ahead and excavate, and we can get underneath it and put the work in.

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It doesn’t matter how cold it is or how hot it is outside. Our product works the same, no matter what, which is very good for the homeowner because if they’re home for the winter break or summer break, we can get the work done so they don’t have to take off work to get it done.

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