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supporting slab stillwell ks

Hey, this is John Lindquist, Marketing Manager for KC Pier, and today I’m out in Stillwell, Kansas, where we’ve got a slab on grade foundation that has been settling into the earth. So we’re going to go check in with Erik Lancaster and see what’s going on.

DynaPier Installation

Erik Lancaster:
Today, we’re out in Stilwell, Kansas. We are installing seven DynaPiers on a slab on grade out here. Initially the homeowner had called us out because in doing some remodeling, she had noticed a large crack in her slab so she gave us a call, wanted us to come check it out, see what’s going on. In doing so, I observed that crack in the slab on the front section of the home. I took some elevation readings with a laser level. What that ended up doing was showing us that the whole front of the house here on the north end had fallen about an inch, inch and a half.

We came up with a pier plan to combat that, and now we’re out here today. We’ve been here for about half a day. We have all seven piers driven. We are now lifting the home back up. We’re getting some of those cracks to close and we’re able to recover all of that portion that had fallen.

Here we can see that we have dug down underneath the slab on grade. We’ve got underneath of the footing here. We have pushed piers down to bedrock so that we can lift the structure. Right here, you can see a lifting platform. This is what we had on top of the pier stack to actually lift the home back where it needs to be. You can see we’re still doing some of that at the moment over here in this hole. Then they will take all of that out, as you can see here, and we’re left with a nice solid steelhead that the footing is resting on so that the home will not move in the future.

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John Lindquist:
That was some great information from Erik, and I’m really glad that we were able to come out here and pick his brain and see kind of what exactly is happening here with a slab on grade foundation.

If you think that there are any problems with your foundation, or if you’re getting water in your basement, don’t hesitate to give us a call or check us out on our website. We’ll see you next time.

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