The KC Pier Experience

kc pier experience

Hi, my name is Eric Scheele. I am owner and president of KC Pier, foundation repair experts here in Kansas City. Today, I wanted to talk about the KC Pier experience and for you as a customer, what we consider and talk internally about the KC Pier experience is your experience from the initial call and introduction, whether you find us on the phone or on the web, and what that experience is like and what you can expect, to the structural consultation of why you really called us in the first place, and how we process and assess the home when we’re there. And, ultimately, what you can expect to experience during production, when we’re there actually working on the home. And then how we wrap that up into the final experience. That’s what we call the KC Pier experience.

The foundation issues as a whole can be very stressful and foreign territory for a lot of people. We recognize that. So our overall goal within that experience is to be over-communicated and ultimately educate the homeowner as to what is going on within the home? Why are we doing the things that we’re doing? And the things that we can do to assist you as a homeowner, to understand all those variables, and ultimately be really, really confident that the repairs that we bring to you as a homeowner are repairs that we can provide lifetime warranties and guarantees on.

There’s two ways that most customers find us, and that’s usually on Google, but then ultimately making that phone call or filling out a web form on our website. That ultimately will lead to a conversation with our front office personnel. That conversation is going to be a brief explanation or discussion about what’s going on in the home, whether it’s structural or whether it’s waterproofing or something, maybe in between, or a combination of both, and then ultimately take a look at your schedule. What’s convenient. We usually run a few weeks ahead of time. We’ll try to get to people as soon as we can, but, ultimately, we’ll walk away with a time at which our structural consultant is going to be there. We’re going to wrap that up by communicating to you guys all the critical data, times, addresses, phone numbers, things of that nature, and potentially who that structural consultant will be. We’ll finalize that, once we hang up the phone, to send you a confirmation email and introduce you to the structural consultant that will be showing up the day of the consultation.

Structural Consultation

For the structural consultation, one of three of our structural consultants are going to be contacting you prior to their visit to talk about, again, the issues that you may be having, if anything has developed since the initial phone call, and basically give you an expectation of what you can expect when we show up at the house. When we show up at the house and talk about the foundation issues, what we like to do is we try to, what we call, unwrapped the black box, because to many homeowners, the foundation is a black box. It’s scary. It’s stressful. Some people even think as extremely as the house is going to fall down. There’s nothing of that sort. So we’re going to put your mind at ease.

Solutions to Foundation Issues

We’re going to take a look at the house from a global perspective and deductively, reduce it down to the actual issues, and whether those issues are active or inactive. We’re going to educate you as to why those issues are taking place, in the first place. What’s causing those issues and, ultimately provide you with, what we call, ABC solutions to the foundation issue, if it’s an issue at all. Many times, when we go to homes and take a look at cracks, not all cracks are bad cracks. We’ll just simply tell you that you’re okay. Everything’s going to be all right. If it remains this way, then you’re okay. If not, we’re going to take a look at what we call ABC solutions. These are resolutions that have multiple warranties to them.

A, being this is the Mr. Fix-It type of a solution. That’s going to get you by. C, is going to be the Cadillac solution. That’s going to probably have a lifetime warranty. B, is going to be that hybrid. You have choices with KC Pier. A lot of companies don’t necessarily give choices. They throw the grand slam at you. It is what it is. We try to release that power of the homeowner in decision-making over to you, the homeowner, so we’re not necessarily driving that. The education piece of that wraps into that structural consultation. So we draw all that up. We cad it out on a computer and it lives with us at KC Pier, so we can refer to it, whether you make that decision immediately, or ultimately you come back to it at some later time, we’re going to have that on file, so we can actually have a base to go off of should we revisit that house down the road.

So that is the structural consultation in a whole. It ultimately is there to give you, the homeowner, confidence that you are talking to the right person and ultimately have the power of education behind you to unwrap that black box so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Now, you’ve made your decision to work with KC Pier. We’re super excited about it. We’re getting down to the day of production. This is a day at which we are coming to fix the home based on the options that you guys have chosen, and we are there to educate you through that process. So prior to production, you’re going to get another phone call. You’re going to get another email introducing you to the production manager. The production manager is also going to be calling you to tell you what to expect on the day of production.

His job is there to reeducate you from the structural consultant. Again, we try to over-communicate and keep that black box unwrapped for you as a homeowner. So he’s going to go through what they’re trying to accomplish for the day, what they’re doing and why they’re doing that. That way, you can understand the mechanics and the inner workings of all the variables of the resolution that we’ve placed, or are placing, in your house. Not only is his job there to educate you as a homeowner, but he’s also there to help manage the crews. We ultimately want to be efficient. We also want to be very clean. We want to be able to respect the job site and keep our work area tidy. So if we plastic off the areas that we work, there’s reasons why we’re doing it. We’re trying to keep the dust to a minimum.

You’re going to see our crews are extremely clean. We talk about it internally, constantly. If you go to Google and look at reviews, you’ll see a lot of comments about the cleanliness of our crews. It’s because it’s a mantra of ours. We try to make that worksite cleaner than the day that we actually arrived. So as the production manager, his job is going to make sure that that job site is kept clean. And that you’re walking through… At the end of the job, he’s walked through every step that we’ve done and that ultimately you guys approve because ultimately what we talk about internally through the production, what we want to try to do is we try to earn a five-star review. We understand that those reviews live forever. We talk about them internally from our initial call into the office to our structural consultation, to our production team, and our crews and the cleanup and the overall summary experience.

The Best Kansas City Foundation Repair

We want to make sure that you, as a homeowner, have confidence that you have chosen the best foundation repair company in Kansas City, and are proud to tell about it on Google. So anybody considering a repair on their foundation and goes and does the research, probably the same research that you’ve done, and you’ve read some of those reviews, are going to read your review as well, and have a choice that they’ve made with confidence that KC Pier is that foundation repair company of choice. Contact us today!

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