Kansas City Wall Cracks and Water Intrusion

water intrusion kansas city

Hi, my name is Eric Sheele. I’m with KC Pier. Today we’re out in Topeka, Kansas and we’re helping these homeowners relocate to the state of Washington.

We’re helping them on the KC Property Guy’s side, as well as on the KC Pier side with the basement. Before the property guy’s side get here to do their improvements, we need to address these foundation walls.

There’s some water intrusion and wall cracks that we wanted to tell you about and address so you can get an idea of some of the things that you may see in your basement that you may want us to take a look at.

The first wall we have here is actually an example of a push.

There is no water intrusion as the crack is under the garage epoxy coating but nonetheless, still needs to be addressed and filled.

An example of a push would be a crack extending out farther than the other side of the crack. We have to fix the garage floor first and then we’ll come back in with a hydraulic cement and dress it up so it’s nice and clean.

Kansas City Concrete Wall Examination

The second main wall connecting to the outside front of the house. We will also be taking away what’s pressuring this wall first. We also have some water intrusion. We wanted to show this to you. We have, here, cracks running all the way down the scene and we’ll see a lot of white calcium deposits. If you ever see white calcium deposits on these walls like that, that typically means water has intruded at some time, and so we’re going to take a look at this from the Pier side and do an epoxy injection from any of these walls that are showing some leakage.

I want to show you this as well. Here’s a crack that’s been addressed by a DIY, a weekend warrior type of a project. It didn’t do it to effectively. We’re going to have to go in and clean this out, drill this crack out a little bit, clean it up, and actually do an epoxy injection. It’ll be sealed and that’s warranted for five years. No leakage whatsoever. We also have some pretty serious leakage over here in the corner. We have a couple of really large, 45 degree cracks on both of these walls.

The corner is showing a lot of water intrusion with some mild to serious rains. We’re going to clean all of these cracks up for the homeowners, get them all epoxy injected. It’ll be a warranted product. And then when we’re done, for us, the Property Guy’s side is going to come in and clean these walls up with some paint. We’ll have a nice clean looking basement when we get it ready to sell with the KCPG Realty Group.

Foundation Water Intrusion Conclusion

This is what we’re doing for homeowners. We do it every once in a while with both of our companies. This is water intrusion. Okay, here’s the other issue that we are going to show you. This is a post, it’s really common. Every basement has one. This one actually has an adjustable head on it. At one time, somebody walking upstairs, and we’ll show it to you, felt the floor depressing. Well, houses will move with the earth’s soil.

That’s natural, but somebody felt the depression and they felt they needed to do something about it. What they did is, they cranked this up and you can see, if you get really close, actually, you can see where they cranked it up. Almost over an inch, about an inch and an eighth. And by doing that, what happened is, is the earth will correct itself and once it did that, it raised the whole house up another inch, inch to an eighth. It’s given so much pressure that we see a lot of cracks in the sheet rock upstairs.

This is all a self-inflicted heave issue. We’re going to re correct this house back down and then the Property Guy’s side is going to come in and fix all these cracks as we get this house ready to sell. I’m now standing directly over that post that we told you of in the basement just a second ago.

Now, if you run your feet over the post you can feel it dip down because now it’s been over-corrected. And what happens when you over-correct and the earth corrects itself and the house raises up to where it was depressed at one time, this is the result you get.

You get heave cracks and as you follow that seam up, it actually stretches all the way across the ceiling. And we have to, actually lower that post, once again, and then come back on the Property Guy’s side and address all these cracks so it’s resolved once and for all. That’s something that we do every once in awhile for homeowners. And we have to do on houses with both of our companies when we have foundation issues along with corrections to get things ready to sell.

So if you guys have some water trouble in your basement, feel free to contact us or give us a call. On the Kansas side it’s going to be (913) 777-4379 and for the Missouri side it’s going to be (816) 974-7437. Thank you and have a great day guys.

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