The KC Pier Wall Brace System

So today we’re here in Lenexa, Kansas to discuss the KC Pier wall brace system. So we’re going to walk you through all the steps of how we ended up to this repair right here. Initially, when the homeowner contacted us for a consultation, what they had seen was some diagonal cracking on their walls […]

Foundation Crack Injection in Ottawa, Kansas!

So today we’re in Ottawa, Kansas. And what we’re doing is we’re doing a crack injection on a home that has some cracks from the wall moving in. They decided to do option three, which is just inject the cracks. So what we’re using is we’re using a 602 epoxy paste from CPR Products. It’s […]

Extreme Wall Pushback in Overland Park, Kansas

How’s it going everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys and today we’re actually out in Overland Park. Going to be looking at a little bit of a foundation project with an extreme wall pushback and lucky for us, we got Brian Dufour, the Director of Operations for KC Pier, […]

Kansas City Wall Cracks and Water Intrusion

Hi, my name is Eric Sheele. I’m with KC Pier. Today we’re out in Topeka, Kansas and we’re helping these homeowners relocate to the state of Washington. We’re helping them on the KC Property Guy’s side, as well as on the KC Pier side with the basement. Before the property guy’s side get here to […]


Today we will be discussing bowed walls and wall cracks of a foundation. Currently we’re on the inside of a house in Belton Missouri where we are just completing an exterior waterproofing and beaming and we’re looking at our results today! This was a wall that had moved about three inches in at the time. […]