Wall Shield for Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City

wall shield basement waterproofing

How’s it going, everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. Today we are out in Olathe, Kansas and we’re going to have a little bit of a different video for you because today we’re going to be explaining our white wall system for our foundations. Lucky for us, we have our director of operations, Brian Dufour, here on the site today who’s going to give us the lowdown on wall shield for basement waterproofing. Let’s jump into this, guys.

Wall Shield for Basement Waterproofing

Today we’re going to go a little bit more into detail about the wall sheeting, or Durawall is what it’s actually called. What it is, is it’s a quarter-inch thick, it has a textured outside coating and a very smooth coating that goes on the wall. What this is for, is it’s mold and mildew resistance, so when it goes on the wall, if there’s a crack that occurs in the future, or if you have water coming through now, it hits the back of the material, runs down into the drain that it would be in, and it won’t mold or mildew on you. It won’t cause a huge smell or anything like that.

When this goes on, it goes on and it’s kind of flexible as it does it. It lets the air behind it to let it breathe. This particular product itself meets all building code requirements and permitting, so no matter where we put it, it will pass everything. For the most part, it’s pure white. Once we get done, it looks like a finished basement. Everything that you have to tear out to put this on, nine times out of ten, you don’t have to put anything back unless you just want to.

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