What Foundation & Basement Repair Financing Options Are Available for Homeowners?

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Let’s go over some of the best ways to approach basement repair financing when you know you need to do a major waterproofing task. This is a common concern for Kansas City homeowners because lots of people have basements, and the flood waters can be a challenge in the Spring.

Those two problems mean that water intrusion or leaks are common, but you can’t allow the problem to persist too long. KC Pier has ways to help you finance a significant basement repair project.

Different Options for Approaching Financing a Projects

When it comes to financing foundations, you have multiple options at KC Pier. We allow and offer financing, but we also try to find the least cost-prohibitive ways to address basement or foundation trouble. We have what we like to call “A, B,& C Solutions.”

The “A Option” is the most affordable, and it’s where we identify the minimum you need to do to get by and temporarily halt a foundation problem. The “C option” would be the Cadillac or premium solution, and also the most expensive option. It costs the most because it definitely fixes the problem. Then there’s the “B option” which would be the hybrid of the two.

So, we offer different pricing points depending on what’s happening with the home. It’s possible to pursue the “A option” initially, before saving money for a more extensive repair down the road.

Two Main Basement Repair Financing Options

If you elect to finance a basement waterproofing or foundation project with us, you have two main options:

  1. 9.9%Multiple Year Financing Option – this allows you to take multiple years to pay for a project. It’s a solid strategy if you know it will take a long time to pay for a large endeavor.
  2. 12-month Same as Cash Option – where there’s no interest for 12 months as long as you pay it off within that time frame. This is ideal for anything you know you can pay off within a few months, even if you can’t handle the entire bill up front.

Basement Waterproofing: A Solid Investment for Greater Home Value

We firmly believe that you can boost the value of your home with basement waterproofing. Why is that so?

  • Basement waterproofing can make the basement inhabitable once again.
    • When water intrudes into your basement, it makes things moldy, musky, and overall a place to avoid. Waterproofing gives you the option of converting it into a spare bedroom, downstairs living room, or for some other purpose. It can even become a safer place to furnish HVAC equipment or laundry machines.
  • It can make your overall foundation much sturdier.
    • We always remind homeowners that your basements and crawl spaces fit right into your foundation strength. If you experience mold or cracks in one area, it’s only a matter of time before the problem spreads elsewhere. Basement waterproofing allows you to safeguard your support walls from inevitable problems.
  • It’ll help your house sell for a higher price.
    • Unless you plan to pawn your house off on a cash investor, you probably want to make sure the basement looks decent. That’s the only way you’ll ever attract a better offer for your home when you decide to sell it.

Call KC Pier to Learn More About Basement Repair Financing Options

We know this doesn’t cover exact cost estimates. That’s because it’s impossible to put a precise dollar amount on a service without knowing the size of your home and the extent of the damage. Therefore, you can obtain a much clearer idea of the financial commitment if you allow us to meet you for an initial consultation.

KC Pier can help you identify and fix basement water issues as well as bowing walls, cracks, and any other foundation trouble. Our service is available to residential and commercial clients alike.

Contact us soon to learn more about basement repair financing strategies so that you can finally waterproof your Kansas City home.

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